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5 Pretty & Easy Monochromatic Makeup Looks For Fall 2019

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Many makeup trends come and go, but there’s one makeup technique that’s always here to give you a quick glam, sometimes even in minutes. Our schedules might get busier, but we still want to look on point (and get our beauty sleep, please). Thanks to easy makeup techniques like monochromatic makeup, we don’t have to sacrifice our sleep or social time in the name of beauty. As the name implies, this technique involves keeping your lids, cheeks, and lips in the same color. However, if you prefer a more colorful look, try to keep at least your eye makeup in the same color. For all of you busy bees who want to look glamorous all the time, we prepared a gallery of easy monochromatic makeup looks you can replicate in minutes.

monochromatic makeup
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Photo By @adamburrell/Instagram

Sometimes we get so occupied with all the new makeup trends that come and go and forget about the classics. Well, it’s time to go back to the basics. In case you haven’t noticed, the classic smokey eye is getting back in the spotlight. Instead of mixing light and dark eyeshadows and blending them until your hand starts to hurt, why not copy this all-black look? You could start with a small amount of gel eyeliner and smudge it across the entire lid. Next, top the liner with black eyeshadow, to create a more diffused, smoked-out effect.

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