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Top Trends for a Perfect Halloween

Halloween rivals Christmas for many as their favorite celebration. It’s the perfect occasion to let your hair down and your imagination run wild. Dress up, decorate and make the most of the spookiest holiday of the year. This is the essence of modern Halloween and the more you embrace it, the better your experience will be. Putting together the right costume, party, and activities can take some thought and research, so planning ahead is a wise decision. Here are a few suggestions to get those ideas flowing.


If classic ensembles — like witches, vampires, and zombies — aren’t exciting enough, pop culture always brings something new to the table. A red long-sleeved jumpsuit and a pair of scissors will make you a killer doppelganger from Us. You could become everyone’s new favorite witch from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – a blonde wig, red lipstick, a turtleneck jumper, and an A-line skirt will do the trick. Or make your own memorable impression by dressing up as the Starbucks coffee cup from Game of Thrones. Find something that amuses and inspires you to have the best time possible.

When it comes to makeup, there’s much to consider. Your aim. Your budget. How much effort you’re willing to put into this costume, and whether or not you’re prepared to put two hours of effort into something that’s going to melt off in 20 minutes. Simple face paint and fake blood are perfectly acceptable, but to go the extra mile you should take a look at some vloggers for tips and ideas. From Chucky or Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy makeup to neon skulls, fortune tellers and Disney villains; tutorials have much to teach us about products and techniques, even if you don’t copy the YouTuber’s whole makeup. One or two practice runs are also advisable to avoid last-minute disasters.


Whether having a low-key gathering at home or preferring a full night on the town, Halloween is the time to indulge in curiosities horrific and magical. For example, centuries of the development of mystery and lore have enhanced the value and popularity of Tarot readings, especially during a holiday dedicated to the mystical arts. Having your future laid out for you by an experienced Psychic can be far more rewarding than a Scream marathon, with the former adding a sense of class and spirituality to your evening. Doing both of these, however, is even better. Why not have a themed party? Bring friends and family together with some popular Halloween games and movies.

Discovering what’s on in your area requires little more than keeping an eye out for adverts or searching the internet. Big venues are bound to have parties where you can show off your flawless costume. But smaller venues also organize a few special activities too, things you wouldn’t think of doing on a “normal” day. After laughing at celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Eric Stonestreet shrieking through haunted houses on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, now is the chance to prove your own mettle. Grab a friend and visit your nearest haunted house to see if All Hallows’ Eve lives up to its name.

The number of ideas you can find long before October arrives is hardly a surprise anymore. The continued popularity of the holiday not only promises great entertainment but strong competition in best costume contests. So put your best Halloween face on and make the most of this thrill of a holiday.

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