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10 Cities with the Hottest Men!

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Where are the SEXIEST, hottest men found?

Let’s face it, ladies, there are hot and sexy men everywhere in the US!
In fact, it is difficult to turn the corner without bumping into an attractive guy. Why? Men are increasingly interested in good grooming, fitness, health and staying in shape. And this also applies to older men! So, if you are attracted to a silver fox, they are looking more and more like Cary Grant and George Clooney these days too!

With so much hotness in the country, let’s break down the 10 top cities with the hottest men on the planet! Are YOU lucky enough to live in one of them?

Dallas, TX

In Dallas, men are conservative and traditional. They are impeccably styled, even just to go to a bistro lunch.
They are family oriented and if you like a masculine man who loves football, this is the guy for you! Think Owen Wilson who was born in Dallas!

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