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Visiting as a Vegan/Vegetarian in Portland, Maine

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The cobblestones streets and the diverse eats are calling your name.

Many travelers have Maine on their bucket list for its delicious crustaceous cuisine and picturesque ocean views. We fell in love with Portland, Maine, for its cobblestone streets, vegan eats, and plethora of vintage finds.

This port city has drawn everyone from older citizens visiting on a cruise to road trip enthusiasts excited to try an authentic lobster roll. But when a city is known for its seafood, it can easily deter veggie and vegan travelers. Luckily, we found all of the incredible vegan eats so you don’t have to miss out on this
lively, fun, artistic, entrepreneurial, and historical destination.


Union Bagel


Before a day of exploring, a hearty breakfast is just what your body needs. While many bagel shops still don’t offer dairy-free spreads, Union Bagel has THREE house-made vegan spreads available, as well as plenty of vegan fixings. Even better, everything that’s vegan on the menu is also organic! We recommend the jalape‚àö¬±o tofu to kick off your day with a little bit of heat!

If you’re traveling on a budget, this place is very considerate towards all incomes as a fully-dressed bagel is roughly $3, unlike many other breakfast places that can charge up to $9 for a bagel with toppings.

If you happen to visit Union Bagel over a weekend, make sure to also grab one of their bialys (a traditional bagel recipe rarely found outside of New York).

Bagels with vegan spreads and fixings

Poppy seed bagel with jalapeño tofu, cucumber, spinach, and avocado


Public Market House

The Public Market House in Portland, Maine is one of the most veggie-friendly markets in the country. Here you can find Columbian street food, vegan Vietnamese cuisine, a salad bar, juice bar, dairy-free Thai desserts, a soup bar, crepes, a bakery, and more! (Both Sticky Sweet and Pho Co. are in the Public Market House.)

Sticky Sweet


Lovers of Thai cuisine are already familiar with mango sticky rice, but this restaurant creates delectable dairy-free alternatives. The rice is steamed fresh every morning and then topped with local, fresh fruits. Choose from blueberry, mango, or banana topped with their house-made coconut sauce. If you want to double your fun, grab one of their vegan ice creams available in flavors such as Sea Salted Maple, Lavender Lemon Cookie, or the incredible Dark Chocolate.

Sticky rice with mango, blueberry, and banana

Sticky rice with blueberries

Pho Co.


You might be surprised to be find vegan options at a Vietnamese establishment, as vegan options are a rarity, but here you can enjoy veggie pho as well as vegan banh mi! Both are very flavorful, have great texture, and won’t make you miss the meat replacement at all.

Vegan Banh Mi

Vegan Pho

For the Public Market House, we also recommend: Karmasouptra
Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe.

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