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How to Pack a Weekender Bag Without Stressing Out

There’s nothing like heading out of town over the weekend to help you recharge after a busy few weeks. But deciding what to pack in your tiny weekend bag can be far from relaxing. Fortunately, following a few ground rules can help you head out the door in record time.

1. Be A Minimalist

You probably don’t need as many outfit changes as you think you do when heading on a two-day trip. How many times have you come back home only to realize that you didn’t wear many of the clothes you packed? Instead of overpacking, choose items that work for multiple situations. Packing a dress that will take you from day to night will help you save space and even leave room for a souvenir or two.

2. Pack Efficiently

Once you’ve narrowed down the items you’re going to take with you, the next step is to pack efficiently. The best way to save room is to roll up jeans, pants, and T-shirts and arrange them neatly in your suitcase. Only roll up clothes made of knit fabric as woven fabric pieces such as dress shirts tend to wrinkle easily.

If you’re worried about your clothes getting crumpled, use packing cubes. These will allow you to organize your things into various compartments and prevent your smaller items from ending up at the bottom of your suitcase.  

3. Separate Your Footwear

Packing your sneakers, heels, and sandals can be a challenge. The best way to go about this is by separating each pair and packing them in individual clear plastic bags. Packing them separately will help you save space and protect the rest of your clothing from grime. Also make sure you stuff the shoe cavities with socks, belts, and other accessories to make the most of the space you have.

4. Wear Your Bulky Pieces

A smart way to travel is by being strategic about what you wear. If you need to carry a thick coat or woolen scarf, wear them rather than trying to cram them into your suitcase. These layers can always be taken off or added if you feel hot or cold in transit.

Packing the wrong clothes or carrying too much has the potential to ruin your perfect weekend. If you’re someone who struggles to get it right, these tips may be just what you need. With a little planning, you can avoid any mishaps and make the most of your time away.

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