Top 5 Instagram Poses to #Slay

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Capture Killer Moments with the Top Five Instagram Poses

Selfies, Silhouettes, and Candids – While prominent celebrities and famed models have made taking the perfect Instagram snap shot seem a thing of ease, it can be harder than you’d imagine to actually capture these same killer moments. We have seen many attempt and fail [epically] at Instagram Modeling. Avoid the unruly arms in those awkward selfies and crooked grins of discomfort within those candid shots. Here are the Top Five Instagram Poses to slay:


1.      The Hair Toss

With either a flip of the head or by tousling your hair with your hands, a disheveled and off-centered selfie can become the highlight of your Instagram reel. With the right lighting and very little need for a filter, you can create a glam shot for the Gods.


Top Five Instagram Poses to #Slay - viva glam magazine - models6



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