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Plan ahead to ensure your day is picture perfect!

Now that I have a wedding to plan, one of the biggest concerns of mine is my hair and makeup.

I’ve been thinking about how I want it to look, thinking how I will feel about doing it myself on the big day. I keep realizing that I really don’t like how anyone else does my makeup, I am the best at doing it, and I know what looks best for my face. So I have decide that I am going to do my own makeup and will also probably end up doing my hair myself as well.

Because I am a model & a makeup artist, I know what it is like to be sitting in the makeup chair. I know what it’s like to be trusting someone with your appearance, and there is nothing worse that feeling like you don’t look like yourself or that you don’t look your best. That feeling is not only frustrating, but stressful and can cause anxiety, and sadness. And you don’t want those kinds of tears on your wedding day!

If you aren’t able to do your makeup on your wedding day, like me, and you want to hire someone, here are my tips for a more successful experience:

Sunset Blonde

#1 Trial Run before the Wedding

Although I feel like I do my makeup the best, I will still do a few trial runs on the “look” that I want for my wedding day. I recommend that you do the same. Avoid wedding day tears by having a “dress rehearsal” for your hair and makeup at least 2 weeks before your wedding. Don’t forget to bring your headpiece and any pictures or inspiration images to show the makeup artist what look that you want.

#2 Take many photos!

Take some digital photos with your camera to see how you really look & how you will photograph with that hair and makeup on your wedding day. Take photos from different angeles and difference.  If your wedding is a daytime wedding, take some in the natural light, as well as in the evening. It’s a great idea to even have the makeup artist take some photos of you. This not only enables them to reference it on your wedding day, but you can make changes while the makeup artist is still there with you until they get it right. You may be surprised how different your hair and makeup can look in a photograph, so it’s always a good idea to check

#3 Speak up

Don’t be afraid to speak up about what you want or don’t want, how you like something to look, etc. Share will the artist your feelings and suggestions. They are there to make you feel like your very best, so they should listen and act accordingly.

#3 Be yourself, and you will be beautiful on your wedding day.

Don’t forget that it is you he asked to marry him, and it is you that he wants to see at the altar.

Based in Hollywood, Sunset Blonde Beauty aka Rachel Bernstein is a Model, Beauty Editor, Beauty Consultant, & Makeup Artist specializing in celebrity, media, appearances, red carpet, events, fashion & lifestyle photoshoots and head shot makeup & hair. Having been a Professional Model for over 15 years, traveling the world, and working with some of the best in the industry, she really knows what it takes to work behind the scenes. She has studied makeup, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Art, with graphic design and photography concentrations. She applies her knowledge of modeling, make-up, photography, art and design with years of experience, making her an expert in her field. She currently owns her own beauty product line called Sunset Blonde Beauty (, and luxury clip-in hair extension brand Cashmere Hair (

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