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5 Ways to Incorporate Pearls in Your Wedding Décor

When it comes to weddings, pearls are widely considered the perfect gemstone. Not only do they have an angelic beauty about them because of their one-of-a-kind glow, but they also symbolize purity, loyalty, and trust. In addition, they are extremely versatile, meaning you can incorporate them into your wedding in a variety of different ways. While websites like make it is to find great pearl jewelry, finding pearl décor ideas is a little more difficult. In this article, we cover five of our favorite ways to utilize pearls to make your wedding more elegant and beautiful. Let’s begin!

Pearl Centerpieces

Not only do centerpieces that feature pearls have an exquisite aesthetic, but they are also quite simple to make if you’re looking to create the centerpieces yourself. As the old saying goes, less is more. While these pearl centerpieces look simple at the surface, they add loads of elegance that will make your wedding décor stand out. For a romantic touch, add floating candles at the top of the centerpieces.

A Pearl-Themed Photo Booth

Photo booths at weddings are always a great idea, primarily because they give your guests a tangible memory that they can take home. In the last few years, they have become a buzzing trend at weddings. If you’re thinking of getting a photo booth for your big day, you can use it as a way to continue the pearl theme by decorating it with ropes of pearls. That way, in addition to giving guests a memory to take home, it also serves as a decorative piece. It’s also a good idea to have some pearls ropes for guests to use as a prop. While these pearl beads won’t glow like a real pearl necklace, they’re nonetheless a fun item to have that guests taking photos can get creative with.

Pearl Wedding Chair Décor

With this design element, the pearl theme will truly take center stage. Have the chairs at your reception decorated with pearl beads for an undeniably mesmerizing look. White faux pearl beads work well with chairs of many different colors including white, black, silver, and gold. You can opt for a layered look by setting the pearl beads at different lengths (as pictured above), or have multiple pearl beads going down vertically for a more eye-catching aesthetic.

Pearl-Accented Table Number Holders

It’s the details that make a wedding memorable. You can choose to do the standard option of putting table numbers on an ordinary stand, or you can take the décor to the next level with pearl accented frames that portray the table number. While this decoration is quite simple in the grand scheme of things, it’s a detail that adds a great deal of sophistication.

Pearl-Embellished Wedding Guestbook

We finish off our list with one of our favorite ideas—a pearl-embellished wedding guestbook. While the pictures from the photo booth are a memento for your guests, a guestbook is a memory for the bride and groom. Years later, you can see everyone who was in attendance on that special night, as well as some of the advice they wrote down for you. The pearl accents on the guestbook will also remind you of how elegant your wedding was.

Every bride wants their wedding to be beautiful in every possible way. After all, your wedding is the biggest day of your life, and a result, it’s important to find ways to make it as special as possible. Pearls are a great way of doing this given their exceptional beauty and symbolic meaning. Each of the five ideas we have covered above is a unique way to integrate pearls into your overall wedding décor. All of them will help your wedding stand out and be as elegant as possible.


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