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You Said Okay, Now What? First Dates the VIVA GLAM Way!

He asked you out and you finally said yes.
So now what? Here are a few quick and easy tips on how to go on an amazing first date!

  1. Don’t drink too much. It’s best not to enjoy too much tipple on your first date.
    You want to be lucid, smart and show the best side of you to him.
    Also, it is safest to be aware of your surroundings at all times.
    Let him fall in love with the real you, so be yourself, especially on that all-important first date.
  1. Don’t invite him in.
    On the first date, it’s best not to invite your date in for a nightcap.
    Build anticipation for him seeing you in the future.
    You already had an amazing night getting to know each other.
    Let him obsessively think about you for a few days!
  1. Step away from social networking. During your date, it is rude to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networking platforms.
    Also, try to avoid long calls on your cell phone.
    You are here to meet him and he is there to learn about you.
    Don’t spoil the moment with unnecessary talk on the phone or too many selfies.
  1. Don’t call him
    This is easy. Simply do not pick up the phone and call him after the date.
    This is his responsibility.
    If he is interested, he will call.
  1. Do your own thing.
    You are a busy career woman or student and you have a life.
    Don’t wait by the phone for him to call you.
    Do your own thing and stay busy.
    Remember, a man is only a portion of your life, not the whole thing.
  1. Listen as much as you talk.
    When meeting him for the first time, you should listen as much as you talk.
    Don’t monopolize the conversation.
    Conversely, he should be asking you questions as well.
    If he doesn’t, he is self-involved. Next!
  1. Don’t split the bill. When the bill comes, don’t offer to go Dutch.
    Simply sit and wait. If he is a gentleman, he will offer to pay.
    This may feel awkward at first because when we go out with girlfriends, we usually pay our portion.
    However, when a man invites you out, let him pay.
    This is his way of letting you know he appreciates you and that he values your time.
  1. Don’t dump on him.

    During the conversation, don’t go into excessive detail about your personal problems or personal history.
    Remember, this is a first date, and he doesn’t need to know everything. Also, talking poorly about an
    is a no-no.
    This should be a light and fun meeting and save the heavy stuff for later.
  1. Let him make the plans. Let him take initiative and plan the date. He should take time and effort to entertain you and make certain you have a good time. This is his way of showing he cares. This is easy for you because all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the evening!
  1. Meet him at the date location. On a first date, it’s best to meet at a specific location that is in public. A coffee shop, restaurant or museum are perfect first dates. And remember, a date doesn’t necessarily mean dinner.
    You can meet for a shorter date in the middle of the day.
    You can generally tell quickly if someone is worth spending more time with.
    So a first date doesn’t need to be long.
    Remember, a simple meeting over coffee or tea can be fun and easy!

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