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Why Socks Are Becoming This Fall’s Vital Accessory

When we think of fashion accessories, usually the first things that come to mind are hats, bags or jewelry. However, as there is always a new trend every season, this year socks are steadily making their way into the fashion world. In general, socks are referred to as a practical piece of clothing which can hardly be taken as a typical fashion accessory. That changed when fashion designers used socks as a vital component in their runway shows and everyone went crazy about this new trend. From Anna Sui’s short fuzzy socks to Miu Miu’s thigh-highs, many celebrities and style icons have incorporated the growing sock trend into their style. So, besides staying warm and comfortable, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait longer and join the sock of the month club to get your monthly subscription of the trendiest socks and be a part of this fun fashion trend. So keep on reading to find out why and how to take advantage of this new fashion staple.  

Come in different forms

The beauty about socks is that they come in different forms, lengths and materials which can be styled according to the occasion and your overall outfit. Knee-length socks are usually worn under booties and are the best option to keep your feet and ankles warm during colder days. Ankle socks cover your feet right up to the ankles and can be styled with loafers or other casual shoes to make you look more sophisticated. Thigh-high socks are perfect if you are wearing a skirt or a dress on a chilly night and want to protect your legs from the cold. All of these socks can be created from a variety of materials such as cotton, wool or nylon in many styles to match any outfit of yours.  

Available in many colors and prints

As this fashion trend is growing, the days of white socks are being overshadowed by multicolored socks with many patterns. From solid color socks to socks with holiday prints and geometric shapes on them, people began transforming their somewhat dull look into a very fashionable one. For example, if your outfit consists of denim jeans and a dark blouse, you can add more interest to your look by wearing bright-colored socks to contrast your top and make a fashion statement. The geometric knee-high socks with bare legs and a baggy t-shirt are the best option to create a cozy look while being at home. So, if you are into symmetric patterns in your attire, then opt for colored or patterned socks to match any outfit of yours and be chic.

Styling socks with your fall footwear

There are times when you are expected to follow certain “fashion rules”, but with this new sock trend, you are allowed to break these rules and style socks with different types of shoes. For example, you usually open the fall season with ballet flats. So, if you are willing to update this classic footwear, you can style your flats with thin socks to create a chic look. Next are your ankle booties that can be worn with mid-calf or knee-high socks to make it look as if the boot is continuing and visually creating a long lean line. Also, you can combine your Oxford shoes or loafers with fishnet socks to go from a functional to a fashionable look. One rule no one ever thought would break was wearing socks with strappy pointed-toe pumps. Some style icons have even gone a step further and embraced an athletic feel of this trend by wearing sports socks with stiletto shoes.

Matching with different outfits

If you aren’t afraid of experimenting, you can style your favorite pair of socks with jeans, dresses or office pants however you want. This means that you can take the classic look of pants and a top to the next level by wearing a vibrant pair of socks to add more interest to your overall look. One way to do it is to match the main pieces of clothing with your socks. For example, you can wear a blue sweater with socks of the same color. Also, some may say that the rules changed when Gigi Hadid matched her black socks and Valentino sandals with cycling shorts. Afterward, many style icons have embraced the 1980’s style by combining a pair of bright-colored socks with leggings and an oversized sweatshirt or a windbreaker. However you decide to do it, you will certainly be making a fashion statement by making your socks visible from all angles with any outfit.

Work for all occasions

No matter where you are going, you can pull off this fashion trend on any occasion. For example, if your work outfit includes a mid-length skirt paired with a cute blouse and a patterned coat, you can choose sheer long socks to match your court shoes and create a very professional look. If you are going to a party and want to tackle this trend in a bold way, you can put on bright printed socks that will contrast your beautiful dress. Actually, you can elevate any fancy outfit to runway-ready by pairing any type of socks with statement sandals. Also, you can up your sock game even if you are running errands all day. For example, you can wear a sweater dress with combat boots and add vibrant color knee-high socks to match your hat and to keep your outfit edgy.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for a way to stand out and make your style more appealing to others, socks are the perfect way to do that. The fact that they come in different lengths, colors and patterns is just one of the reasons why celebrities and fashion bloggers are going on a feeding frenzy about them. Whether you are going to the store, to work or to a party, you can embrace the upcoming fall days with a statement pair of socks and keep your feet warm and stylish at the same time.

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