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Keeping Up with the Latest Eyewear Trends

Fashion trends are changing all the time, and each new year brings additional trends with it. Accessories are changing trends just like any part of fashion, and it can be tough to keep up with eyewear changes as they happen.

Have you noticed that eyeglasses are a common part of catwalk fashion these days? They used to be almost taboo at fashion showcases, but not anymore. You can see models of all shapes and sizes proudly displaying their hot new eyewear trends.

One thing to keep in mind is that eyeglasses are not just about fashion. You may really need to protect your eyes or enhance your vision with the right kind of eyewear. Why not make it a trendy look? If you are concerned about your eye health, you should schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist and have your eyes assessed. Then you may be able to find prescription glasses and shades that fit with your style and keep you looking fashionable.

Bold Replaced with Subtle

Those changing trends are tricky to track, but we got you covered. Last year, we saw a lot of bold colors and styles used with transitional lenses. This year, the trend is shifting to the opposite side of the spectrum. The eyewear fashion choice of the day seems to be going subtle with transitional lens looks. Using pastel colors and light shades is definitely on trend right now, and we are loving this look. It’s sophisticated and not too garish. We suggest using a simple, straightforward frame design as well rather than something eye catching like cat-eye glasses or patterned frames.

Lenses that Pop

We adore a look that stands out just enough to get noticed and isn’t overly flamboyant. That’s chic and on trend for this year. You can do that by choosing lenses that are slightly tinted in what is called a lens wash. That subtle tint adds some bang to your look, making it stand out just a bit more. It may not be as practical for eye protection, so be sure to talk to your eye specialist about what you need for indoors, outdoors and for wearing while using the computer.

There are some great lens type looks that can work very well for you and provide ample protection. UV protection and blue light filters are ideal for people who wear their glasses in different environments. The blue light filter is especially helpful for people who work in front of the computer or who are on their phone all day long.

Unusual Frame Shapes

Even if bold colors are not on trend this year, bold frame styles are. Now, you don’t want to go completely overboard with this, but you can opt for some odd styles of frames to make your look a bit different. You can give your look that extra pop to make the whole ensemble really shine.

Rectangle frames were big last year, but the push this year seems to be on round frames as well as deep squares. The unique polygonal shapes we are seeing in round frames this year are really incredible. They can frame your eyes in a very cool way, adding layer of complexity to a relatively simple look.

Using offbeat shapes in the frames is a really interesting way to add vibrancy, youthfulness and energy to a look, and we love some of the new frames being promoted this year. They are really taking things to a new level and making those of us who don’t wear glasses wish that we were.

Whether you are wearing wayfarers or aviators, try something a bit different. You might be surprised how a change in frames can alter the look and energy of your entire ensemble.

You’ll want to stay updated on all the latest trends for this year and the next. To do that, be sure to come back here and tune in to what’s happening in the world of fashion. It never sits still at all, so you have to watch the trends carefully. We’re doing that for you, though, so not to worry. Whether you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses, we have you covered for the latest fashion trends.

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