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Why Moving to the Countryside can Improve Your Life

Escaping the urban sprawl and relocating to somewhere more rural is a dream for lots of city dwellers. And there are all sorts of legitimate reasons to move to the countryside if you’ve had your fill of the big smoke.

In fact there are so many benefits that come with taking this leap that it’s tricky to narrow it down to just a few, but we’ve done just that so you can more easily justify this decision and change up your own circumstances for the better.

Your money will go further

If you’re already a pro when it comes to balancing saving and spending, you might be increasingly disheartened by the price you’ll pay for living in the city.

From rising rents to sky-high property prices, it’s harder to get by and have any cash left over each month, even if you’ve got a solid salary.

In the countryside, the cost of living is generally lower. That means you’ll not only save on housing, but might also find that groceries are more affordable, movie tickets are cheaper, restaurants charge less for delicious dishes, and even gas prices can be lower.

Your physical health will improve

With the help of excellent state-to-state moving services, the view out your window can switch from polluted city streets to pastoral scenes where the air is cleaner and nature is just within reach.

This is important from a health perspective, because instances of respiratory issues, along with a cavalcade of other complaints, are much more common in built-up areas.

Being able to fling open your window without worrying that you’re letting in wave after wave of carcinogenic particles will feel like a blessing. And of course in the vast open spaces of the countryside, you’ll be more compelled to get out there and stick to your fitness routine, without having to dodge vehicles, cyclists and other pedestrians on urban routes.

Your mental health will flourish

Your mind will benefit from being in the countryside just as much as your body, because the stresses and strains of city living can get overwhelming, and rural regions are nowhere near as anxiety-inducing.

Of course it’s possible for some people to find the country a bit oppressive and isolating, especially if they’ve moved away from family and friends.

That said, there’s more of a sense of community, so the people you meet will be more likely to welcome you in and offer you support; a stark contrast to the anonymous and solitary existence that plenty of us have to put up with in more densely populated places.

You’ll have more space

When moving to the country from the city, you’ll generally benefit from having more space available to you to live your life, and we’re not just talking about the great outdoors.

Rather than spending your time in a cramped apartment, you might choose to move into a full-blown family home, with plenty of bedrooms and even a yard where you can spend time together without having to share it with anyone else.

This is often a motivation for people with young children, or who are planning to start a family in the near future. Extra space helps to keep busy households more harmonious, and so it’s a major selling point.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth noting that not everything in the countryside is ideal; you might struggle to find the same job opportunities, and you’ll have to travel longer distances to access entertainment and amenities, for instance.

However, in the right scenario it’s definitely possible to see a marked, permanent improvement to your life by upping sticks and embracing a rural existence.

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