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Why “French Girl Hair” is So Popular

France is associated with beauty and sophistication. For this reason, it is not surprising that a lot of people around the world admire French women. Today, the term “French girl hair” is so popular and used as a way to refer to soft, beautiful, wavy hair. It is the term used for the hairstyles that are natural, chic, and sophisticated, implying that most French women’s hair is naturally like this. Best of all, their hairstyles are not perfect, yet it looks beautiful and effortless. So, what are the reasons “french girl hair” is so popular right now?

1. It is Soft

As you know, the French beauty, including skin and clothing, is soft. To explain further, French women prefer blunt haircuts with geometric lines; thus, the ends of their hair are more textured. Because of their soft haircuts, their tresses fall and move naturally, making their hairstyle look beautiful and effortless. Plus, they also apply hair gloss to make their hair look smooth and shiny throughout the day.

2. It has Natural Movement

One of the best reasons the “French girl hair” is so popular is due to its natural movement. To be specific, French women have windswept hair that most ladies would envy. Of course, a lot of effort was used to create a hairstyle that can move in the right places. For instance, they probably used a spray wax to ensure natural movement. Remember, the lightweight finish of the product can maintain the texture of the tresses and reinforce it. This quality allows the hair to move naturally while maintaining its composure.

3. It is Imperfect

Keep in mind that slight imperfection is the reason for the beautiful appearance of the “French girl hair.” Instead of opting for perfectly cut hair, French women would choose a style with imperfect patterns, like the fringe. The same goes with hair color. French women opt to color their strands in a freestyle way instead of highlights that are perfectly paced. Despite being imperfect, the “French girl hair” still radiates beauty and sophistication.

All in all, these are some of the reasons the “French girl hair” is so popular. As presented, French women have tresses that ladies from around the world desire because it looks natural and effortless. Always remember that the trick is not to make your hair look perfect. The “French girl hair” looks amazing because it embraces imperfection, which is the true essence of being beautiful.

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