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Why Everyone Should Work in the Service Industry At Least Once in Their Life

Many people get their start in the service industry. Whether they’re ringing up shoppers in retail, answering phone calls in customer support, or helping people navigate health issues, service is everywhere, and direct customer support is often the place to start. Not only does it allow people to get a foot in the door for many industries, it also sharpens the individuals who allow themselves to be molded by it. Here’s why we believe everyone should work in the service industry at least once in their lives.

Life Isn’t Fair

Simply stated. life isn’t fair. This is a hard truth that we all must face, and the service industry is a great avenue for facing it head on. You’ll have customers to assist who are rude, entitled and inconsiderate, and you might hate helping them get their way. Nevertheless, your job is to serve them in a way that ultimately benefits the company: the customer is always right, even when they’re not. Learning to maintain kindness as you serve undeserving people is something that will work in your favor, even outside of work, throughout your life.

Do Unto Others.

In the service industry, you’ll never, ever forget that extra “Thank you for what you do” after several encounters of entitled behavior. The golden rule says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, and there’s no doubt about the fact that working in service changes your perspective on this. It doesn’t take long being on the other end of those encounters before you begin flexing how you treat other people as a customer.

Learn to Appreciate

The customer service industry is hard! The demand, the people, the hours. it’s all very much outside of your control. Working in the service industry, you’ll learn to appreciate the little things that others take for granted: a “thank you”, normal work hours, a weekend off. Going throughout life thinking that these are things you are entitled to is a devastating mistake for some who eventually come to realize this isn’t the case. Serving others comes with sacrifice, and anytime there’s sacrifice, there’s a greater appreciation for any benefits.

Major Character that Carries

You learn so many imperative life skills from working in the service industry. You learn how to work as a team, how to deal with difficult people in a professional and polite manner, and develop a thick skin and confidence to boot! Not a single one of these skills can be scoffed at. They are all so vital when it comes to being able to handle life in general, but each of these will make you far better at every job you have afterward.

Other Opportunities Await

Finally, if customer service isn’t your passion, feel free to see it as a foot in the door. a great foundation for a new beginning. Consider that every industry has customer service, and, for the most part, it doesn’t take any special talent or skill to serve in that way. For big companies, customer support (a job on the phones) is often your way in; prove that you have the patience, drive, and relational ability to get the job done well no matter how tough it can be, and you’ll quickly uncover other opportunities in other departments. Great customer service is a skill that everyone looks for, so you’ll never go wrong in gaining that experience.


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