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Who is the ideal VIVA GLAM Man?

We all have an idea of the qualities a man must possess to be your partner and true love.
Whether it is maturity, strong character or if he makes you laugh, VIVA GLAM made a list of what we think is essential for the ideal man to possess. Believe us, these are the traits that will make him absolutely irresistible to you!

  • Intelligence. A man who thinks before he speaks and is emotionally intelligent, intuitive and book smart is a man after our heart. Looks may be appreciated, but for the long haul, a man who has an ample amount of brain power is the one to choose. A good education is ideal, but not necessary.
    What really counts is his innate brain power and his ability to think.
  • Success. A successful man is important. Why? It shows that he has the gumption and ability to follow though with his efforts. He is not lazy. He is a go-getter that can provide for his family. He doesn’t need to be told what to do and he is perfectly capable on his own. He is driven and focused and knows how to attain goals. This is very important if you want to have a family and be a stay-at-home mom.
    He is the provider and will take care of you and your brood.
  • A positive attitude. Life is long and there are times when a positive attitude can make all of the difference. You need a man that can laugh at life when there is perhaps little to laugh at. And you need someone who is there to help you see the brighter side of life.
  • Loyalty. You want a man that is faithful and loyal to you. Don’t accept any other. Don’t put your time and effort into a man who has a wandering eye.Why? Because he should be worshipping the ground you walk on. You deserve his total attention. You are a goddess and he is lucky to be with you.
  • Similarity. You don’t have to be 100% similar to your mate. But as you get older, it helps to have someone who is somewhat like you. For example, if you are a social person, you should have someone equal to you. If you are not so social, he should be the same. Being on the same wavelength makes life together more comfortable. You have the same goals and interests that help to better bond the two of you together. Differences make life interesting and definitely should be there, but your overall personality should be similar.
  • Confidence. There is nothing more sexy and attractive than confidence. You can see it in the way a person walks, their smile and the way they conduct themselves in public. Choose a man that is confident. He doesn’t need to impress anyone because he is comfortable with who he is. He is comfortable with people from all walks of life and knows how to handle himself in any social situation. This is a man we admire and love.
  • Attentive to YOU.
    How many dates have you gone on where a man never asked a single question about yourself? He went on and on about himself, but never inquired about your life? This is not a VIVA GLAM man. He should be attentive and interested in you, your job, your family, your goals, aspirations, childhood and who you are as a person. On a first date, don’t attempt to keep the conversation going for the sake of fearing quiet.
    See if he asks you about yourself. If he doesn’!
  • Looks count. Yes, in the world of dating, looks count, they definitely do. Why? You have to be attracted to the person you are dating.
    He doesn’t have to be attractive to the entire world, but you have to find him enticing. Perhaps your ideal is not a Ken Doll, but the nerdy, glasses-wearing type.
    That is perfectly fine, as long as you find him attractive. If not, then you will be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. You need to find him physically interesting, whatever your particular look may be.
  • Friendship. You also need to be friends with your partner. He is the person you go to when you need to vent about the day’s activities. He takes care of you when you are sick. He will do just about anything for you. This is vital. He has to be there for you when you need him. Choose a man who is capable of doing this. Narcissists need not apply.
  • Emotionally sensitive. Choose a man who is emotionally sensitive to your needs. A man should not be a macho, insensitive behemoth. Rather, he should care for you and even if you are on your period, he should attempt to understand, offer comfort and concern.

Remember, no man is perfect, but when sizing up a potential mate, see how many of these characteristics he has to offer you.
Believe us, if he has these qualities, he is a keeper!

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