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Which Curling Iron Sizes You Need for a Perfect Curl

Curling your hair can be tedious at times. You never quite know how it’s going to pan out. Your hair can cooperate or decide to screw your entire day up. Your hand-to-eye coordination can be off that day; you just never know. Here at VIVA GLAM, we’re constantly trying to improve our hair curling game. We invest in new tools, try out different styling products, and do whatever it takes. But for most women, despite all of their efforts and research, there’s one area of the curling world that they just can’t seem to crack: barrel sizes. The wide variety of inch sizes can be overwhelming at times. You dabble in a few, trying to figure out the difference but never quite understanding the logic behind it all. Well, consider this your quintessential guide to the baffling world of curling iron sizes. You can thank us later.

1/2 Inch

The baby of the family, the 1/2 inch barrel is the thinnest size of curling iron you will find on the market. 1/2 inch is definitely the least versatile of the bunch. Typically this size will only give you corkscrew curls that are extremely tight and perfect. It’s ideal for the perfect big and bold curly hair look. If you’d like to get more use out of it, you can also curl your entire hair with this and then brush it out to get a more wavy effect!

3/4 Inch

Similar to the previous option, this is also going to give you pretty defined and precise curls, although maybe less corkscrew-esque. A 3/4 inch barrel will give you the defined curls you need without being too tight or thin. You can also get larger sections of hair wrapped around this barrel.

1 Inch

The barrel for every woman, as we like to call it. A 1 inch barrel is one you just cannot go wrong with. This width is going to be ideal for shorter as well as longer hair length, thicker and finer hair, you name it. You can either use smaller sections of hair at a time to get a more defined finish, or loosely wrap large sections around it to give you a more wavy look. This is definitely a perfect starting point to picking a barrel size!

1 1/2 Inch

Second to last in thickness, this barrel is definitely not going to give you tight curls. The 1 1/2 inch barrel is made for looser curls closer to a wavy look. This curling iron is likely to give you a beachy waves finish that looks more effortless and loose.

2 Inch

Lastly, but certainly largest comes the 2 inch barrel. Probably best not to expect curls or definition from this one. The 2 inch barrel is the tool of choice to get a blowout from the comfort of your home. The width of the barrel is comparable to a round brush and so you’ll get a similar effect. With the 2 inch you should expect very loose wavy hair, not so much curls!


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