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4 Makeup and Hair Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Every bride dreams of being radiant on her wedding day. In order to achieve this, it’s important to find the perfect combination of gown, shoes, bouquet, headdress, makeup and hairstyle. The result is supposed to reflect her style and personality. So, what mistakes should a bride avoid in order to achieve her goal of looking perfect on the big day?

Picking a Hairstyle And Makeup Look Before The Dress

It is important to remember that the path to the altar is a process that must be done step by step. Once the date has been decided, it is time to look for the venue. After that comes the search for the dress and, once the design of the dress is clear, different options can be shuffled for both the hairstyle and the makeup. The design of the dress is crucial to determine the kind of makeup and hair that will suit you best.

Not Running A Hair And Makeup Test

There’s no doubt that you will have only a few free hours during the planning of your wedding, but making this appointment is more than fundamental to plan the makeup and hairstyle that will be selected for the big day. A previous test will allow you to go for a more sophisticated finish or a simpler nude, an unexpected glimmer or a classic hairstyle. You can always go for something adventurous but it’s better if you run a test first, so you can be absolutely confident that it’s going to work on the big day. If you need more than one test to be sure, do not hesitate to do it.

Sun Spots

If your wedding is going to be held after the summer, you have to be very careful with the bikini tan lines; these are already unflattering when you’re wearing regular clothes, but now imagine looking like that with your wedding dress on. Also, be careful of sun spots or redness. If the contrast of your tan versus your regular skin tone is very striking, you may not be able to hide it with makeup.

Try To Do It All By Yourself

Unless you are a renowned beauty professional, it is best to trust an expert who will be able to make your wishes come true. Whatever new trend you want to try out, remember to always be yourself and express clearly what you want with the expert that will be there to take care of you.

It is not complicated to achieve the makeup and hairstyle that you want, the key is to plan ahead and work with a professional stylist and makeup artist that you trust, who will advise you and make sure that you will look your very best.


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