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Casual Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

Casual style is one of the most important and personality-stating styles that you can opt for every day! And in order to be flabbergasting and blindingly beautiful all the time, you just need to know the basic tips and tricks about causal style. So that’s what we are going to talk about right now. You will find below useful casual style tips for women that will polish your day-to-day street-style looks to perfection.

The History of Casual Style

Casual style has a diverse history. According to one account, it originated in the small Scottish town of Aberdeen, particularly in a football club, where everyone wore his/her name on their clothes. The founders of this club wanted to be different from the others, so they created a unique football style, characterized by pieces of certain brands. Further, the football fans realized that the brands were not at all important, and they started concentrating on the comfort and the harmony of the pieces that were combined. Thus, casual style was born. According to another account, the native Scandinavian people of the countryside used this style for their combinations.
Thus, knowing how to pull off causal style is a real art, and here’s how to do it.

The Features of Casual Style

Casual style features daring and unique color shades and combinations, slightly effortless design vibes, and a blend of various styles. To cut the long story short, casual style is made of all the comfortable pieces that everyone should have. One more great thing about this style is that it doesn’t require much money, and it even allows you to re-use the retro clothes of your relatives!

What this style excludes is anything that’s uniform or taken from business looks or other subcultures. The rest is welcome. Casual style is suitable for every woman with any type of figure, which is also very important. An example of this style can be an interesting top, some minimalistic shorts, a creative handbag, and a light scarf.

This style is practically impossible to imagine without our favorite denim pieces. The reason is that denim is practical and comfortable. For instance, you can put on skinny jeans with a short tunic or a light blouse with romantic flare design, of course, not forgetting about the fact that this style doesn’t absolutely bear glamorous details like beads, glitter, or rhinestones.

Another great variant of the casual look is the combination of a simple gray coat topping a sassy, tight-fitting dress and flat shoes. Or else, you can combine a strict skirt with a minimalistic jacket or a blouse, or just spice up the look with a leather jacket, finishing it off with stilettos or just high heels. Multi-layered and complicated ensembles are the best way to create ideal casual combinations.

Shoes and Accessories

While talking about the basic shoes that can be matched with casual style, we should again focus on the comfort and the suitability of anything you may pick. You can pick some sporty and daring converse sneakers or light sandals, moccasins, espadrilles or bright ballet flats. Still, if you can’t imagine your life without heels, the comfy options should be your picks.

As for the accessories that are especially suitable for casual style, we can call them the key details for the creation of the casual style. They are the best way of adding the right accents. For instance, you can use a creative handbag of some unusual shapes or shades, catchy shoes, leather or metallic bracelets, big rings, etc. The basic principles of the casual accessories are brightness, catchiness, moderate provocativeness, and harmony of combinations for any type of garments from jeans to dresses.

The Basic Directions of Casual Style

There are certain directions that causal style may take, and they go as follows:

1. Business Casual

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This is one of the most frequently met and used directions of casual style, demonstrated by the harmony of the traditional classics and the democratic light-heartedness.

2. Smart Casual

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A less strict style, which can also be used for business looks, combining the details of elegant and everyday styles, is smart-casual. Giorgio Armani is believed to be the founder of this style, having shown the ways on how to add weightlessness and effortlessness to business looks. Other characteristics of this style are the garments like comfy jumpers topping strict shirts with unbuttoned tops, etc. You can also cuff the sleeves and use a variety of accessories for complementing the looks including scarfs, earrings, or anything else, not being afraid of opting for bold color and design solutions.

3. Street Casual

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This is another popular and cool direction of casual style, which is, indeed, perfect in its thoroughness. Here you have absolutely no boundaries or limitations and have the free choice of vibes and ways of self-expression instead. The most important thing is not to forget about the proportions of delicacy for the effortless looks.

4. Sporty Casual

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The overall feature of this style is close to street casual, but the existence of pieces like denim garments, especially jeans and shirts, makes it differ from street-casual significantly. Voluminous waistcoats, sneakers, converse shoes, knitwear, hats, and caps are all included in the basic tendencies of the looks included here.

5. Casual Chic

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This style is characterized by the effortless elegance created by Nino Cerutti. For the creation of this style you need simple and minimalistic pieces with sumptuous and luxurious fabrics.

Remember, comfort is just the thing that makes every lady go for this style time and time again.


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