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5 Makeup Trends We Loved Last Year

With 2019 drawing to a close and a new decade right around the corner, we’ve seen our fair share of new makeup styles. Makeup, and beauty in general, saw the beginning of a few unique trends this year that will undoubtedly lead us into a fun and exciting new year.

Thanks to our friends at, these 5 trends defined this year in makeup. We can’t wait to see what carries over into 2020.

1) Glowing Skin

makeup looks to kick off 2020 with style
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Photo By @aimee_elizabethmakeup/Instagram

In a sharp contrast to the previous trend of full coverage, matte foundation, glowing skin has enjoyed a resurgence this year. People no longer want to spend a lot of time putting on a full face of heavy makeup that often leaves them looking dry or cakey.

Now, alternatives like CC or BB creams are more likely to be used along with illuminating products to achieve a natural glow. In 2019, people focused on terms like “glass skin” and “luminous skin” when putting on their makeup. 2019 was all about hydration and glow, leaving behind trends like matte skin and heavy contouring.

2) Clean Beauty

To go along with natural, glowing skin, clean makeup has seen a sharp increase in popularity in 2019. There isn’t a universal definition of clean makeup or beauty, but when people use this term it generally means natural, clean, sustainable, hypoallergenic, or any combination thereof.

2019 was the year that consumers didn’t just want to look their best; they also wanted to do their best to think about the environment. Not only does clean beauty help the environment, but it also means you aren’t putting toxic or harmful chemicals on your skin.

 3) Bright Eye Looks

red lipstick trend makeup looks
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Photo By @paintedbyspencer/Instagram

In 2019, most people began to steer clear from the traditional smokey eye and the safe, muted look of eyeshadows. Not only were eyeshadows bright in 2019, but trends like neon eyeliner and using a single bright color on your lids made it into the mainstream.

These bright eye looks don’t only include eyeliner and eyeshadow, but bold mascara as well. Cobalt blue mascara, as odd as that might sound, was pretty popular during 2019. Paired usually with a subtle, more natural lip color, this trend was seen everywhere from celebrities on the red carpet to makeup artists on instagram.

 4) Full Eyebrows

In contrast to the brow trends of the past, 2019 was all about a natural look, and sometimes even bushy eyebrows. Using products like a light or clear eyebrow gel quickly replaced harshly outlining brows. The perfect, painted on eyebrows that were previously featured on instagram and celebrities alike is now a thing of the past.

This trend goes hand in hand with the natural, “no makeup” look that grew in popularity over the course of 2019. It makes sense that natural or “down to earth” brows accompany the trend of looking natural and effortless.

 5) Metallic and Glitter Accents

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To go along with the trend of bright, neon eyeliners and shadows, adding a subtle touch of glitter or of metallic eyeliner was also something that reached mainstream makeup in 2019. While having super glittery eyeshadow or overdoing it with the highlighter is a thing of the past, a subtle touch of metallic eyeliner rose in popularity during 2019. We also saw these looks in a lot of TV and film in 2019, which no doubt contributed to its rise in popularity.

What’s in Store This Year?

2019 certainly was an exciting year for makeup and beauty. It’s safe to say that we’ll all end this year and enter the next glowing, ready for whatever trends 2020 will have in store. As long as the industry continues to promote quality ingredients and cruelty-free products, we’ll move towards even better skincare.


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