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Universally Flattering & On-Trend Brown Hair Colors For Fall

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The change of season that brings us cloudy days often inspires us to switch up our looks. There are many hair color trends going on right now, but nothing matches the abundance of options brown shades offer. If you’re a brunette with desires to update your look or a blonde who wants to switch hues, there is a wide variety of brown hair colors for fall to choose from. Chestnut, caramel, espresso – the names of these colors sound as delicious as they taste. Keep scrolling for the most beautiful brown dye jobs.

Cinnamon Hair Color

the best brown hair colors for fall
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Photo By @glamourbymjay/Instagram

Cinnamon hair looks great on everyone, so it’s no surprise that this color is one of the most popular choices. The reddish-brown undertones can provide depth to your style and warm up your complexion.

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