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Cinnamon Spice Hair Color is Fall’s Prettiest Warm Hair Trend

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It’s the season of warm dye jobs. It seems that after all that silver hair and platinum blonde obsession, we’ve had enough of cool tones. Now we’re in the mood of something warm and cozy to protest the cold days that are ahead of us. Reds are in the center of the warm dye job trend, but if you want something a bit more wearable and easier to achieve cinnamon hair color might be your best bet. This fall’s trending dye job is the perfect bright auburn that will refresh your appearance. Scroll down to discover all the details about the cinnamon spice hair color trend.

cinnamon spice fall hair trend
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Photo By @beautylaunchpad/Instagram

First things first, open your cupboard and pull out that cinnamon spice to get a better idea of the warm golden-brown color that’s trending this fall. Feel free to put it next to your face to better visualize how this warm hair color will look on your complexion. You can further customize the tone, but this step will help you see whether you’re a fit for cinnamon spice hair or not.

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