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Top Things to do in Jakarta to Get the Real Essence of the City

Jakarta is not only the capital of Indonesia, but it is also the capital of modernism and natural beauty along with the rich history. The city is filled with different attracting monuments and museums. The eminent properties of the city will help you to learn about the complex various cultures and the complex history of the nation. The small old towns and a few historic buildings will give hints of the heritage of the ancient nation. The malls, shopping complexes, and restaurants are so attractive that you won’t feel bored while visiting this city.

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If you are planning to visit the city, there are certain things you should do. Which are:

1.    Visiting Ragunan Zoo

The zoo is situated upon a land of 135 hectares. There are almost 3600 species of creatures in that zoo. The zoo is known as the home of beautiful and amazing orangutans and  Komodo Dragons. You can also witness some other types in the zoo. A zoo is also a place of different popular flowers and pretty plants. They are also a part of Indonesian wildlife. If you are planning to visit the place, you should keep in mind that the zoo is closed on Monday.

2.    Witnessing the Marvels of Istiqlal Mosque

The Istiqlal mosque is known as the biggest one in Southeast Asia.  It is a mosque where 120000 people can worship at one time. It is very close to the Monas National Monument. You can visit both heritages at one time. The mosque is decorated very beautifully with Islamic motifs and it also has some different technique of water passing inside the mosque, which is very attractive. The most amazing thing is that the mosque welcomes people from different religions.

3.    Checking the National Monument of Monas

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The National Tower of Monas is the most popular heritage site of the city.  It is a tower which symbolizes Indonesia’s Independence, the day when the nation was freed from the Dutch colonization. It was established in the year 1945.

4.    Dunia Fantasia’s Enjoyment

It is an amusement park which is quite similar to the Disneyland of the U.S. There are different amazing 30 rides like Halilintar twister and Niagra Flume. You should also try the start wars portion where you will get a complete view of the park while you are riding the Large Ferris. They also have some big excellent theatres for the children where they can get to know about the amazing and interesting history of the city and the nation.

5.    Knowing the facts of the nation from the national gallery

The National Gallery is mainly situated in Gambhir’s Merdeka Square. It is the best gallery in the nation. It holds a huge number of artworks in Indonesia. If you are an admirer of Indonesian artist, you shouldn’t miss this destination. You will gain knowledge of the history of the different portions of the nation and city through various regional pieces. You can also witness some foreign art collections in other different sections.

6.    Walking on the streets of Taman Suropati

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Taman Suropati is a beautiful and most famous park in the city. It is a huge park which is filled with different green plants. You can find different bungalows in the parks which are made in the style of the colony. It also has a historical value as it was built in the year of 1920, you can also find a few different historical monuments. The weather and vibes of these are very beautiful at the time of the afternoon. It is the ideal time to visit the park.

Jakarta is a very wonderful city, and the city is filled with different types of parks, museums, and mosques. These are a few things you should look at while you are planning to visit the city. You will get to know about the culture and heritage of the nation. 


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