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The Top Nail Polish Colors to Rock This Summer

We’ve seen some great nail art trends this season, but summer has even better looks stored for us. Namely, bright colors and chic designs are still as popular as ever and all ladies can dive into their creative side to create unique looks. In case you’re wondering what colors you should choose, we’ve gathered all the top summer nail polish colors that will set you apart from the crowds. Take a look at our list and hop on these trends ASAP!

Purple & Lavender Nails Polishes

the top nail polish colors to rock this summer
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Photo By @__nailsbylucy__/Instagram

The purple hue has never been out of style, but for this summer it is certainly a favorite among elegant ladies. Whether you prefer darker and more saturated purple shades, or something softer as lavender, you can’t go wrong with these nail polish colors.

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