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Bringing Balayage Back to Its Roots: The French Balayage Hair Color Trend

The balayage technique has been around for a long time, so naturally, these looks have been redefined and reformed many times to suit different preferences. Out of the many gorgeous balayage trends, it seems like the original technique is most requested this spring. Namely, the French balayage is becoming a number one hit among those who want to subtly refresh their look. We gathered the most gorgeous looks to prepare you for the next trip to the salon. Check out our list and choose your next dye job!

bringing balayage back to its roots - the french balayage hair color trend
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Photo By @indratanudarma/Instagram

The French balayage can easily enhance your face features and give you a low-maintenance look. Spice up your brunette bob with vanilla blonde shades to recreate this elegant look.

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