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The Top 10 Things To Do On Your Hawaii Tour

By Eddie Keliinohomoku

Hawaii is rich with beautiful scenery, traditions, and history. Each island offers a unique experience and
activities that put Hawaii on travelers’ bucket lists. It is a dream destination. To better enjoy your
trip, we’ve listed the top 10 things to do on your Hawaiian tour.

10 – Take a Helicopter Tour

Experience Hawaii on a different level! Flying over the islands, seeing it all with a bird’s-eye view is like a scene from a movie. There are landscapes that are not easily accessible by land, and the view from above will let you experience those hidden treasures. Book a tour in advance to find the best deals available.

9 – Stargaze on Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea, the highest point in Hawaii is considered one of the best places to observe the skies. Because of the favorable conditions the summit provides, such as a stable atmosphere, free from atmospheric pollution and dark skies, it is an excellent place for stargazing. Learn about the night sky and the constellations. And while you’re at it, marvel at the dreamlike land-forms, the vast cloud-scapes, and the panoramic view of the heavens.

8 – See a Red-Hot Lava Show

Hawaii is the home of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, the Kilauea volcano, which has been continuously erupting since 1983. It is the main attraction of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can experience unbelievable volcanic landscapes and activities. You can watch in awe as the molten lava pours and sizzles as it touches the ocean, stare in amazement at lava fireworks during night time, or have an unusual hike across volcanic floors and craters.

7 – Visit Pearl Harbor

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the U.S. Naval base in Pearl Harbor with their aerial fleet, taking the U.S. military by surprise, and signaled its involvement in the second World War. Today, thousands of tourists visit the historic site to learn about the events that took place and how it changed the course of history. Visit the Memorial Theatre and see the short documentary of the 1941 attack, the Remembrance Circle to pay tribute to the casualties of the onslaught, and the Bowfin Submarine Museum and Park.

6 – The Road to Hana

You could say this is the best activity and a must-do when you visit the island of Maui. Experience East Maui’s natural beauty while driving the long and winding highway that leads to the peaceful little town of Hana. Pack your lunch, suit up your hiking gear, ready your cameras, fill up the gas, and hit the road to enjoy the island’s views of lush tropical forests, cascading waterfalls, and the sparkling ocean.

5 – Hiking

Hawaii has the best scenery. From volcanic craters to surreal sunrises and sunsets, it holds views that hikers dream to see. From easy strolls to moderate assaults to miles and days-long walks, you’ll find them all here. Whichever you choose or whatever your stamina can take, you’ll be rewarded with great scenery.

4- Luaus

Your Hawaii tour won’t be complete without experiencing at least one luau during your visit.
Luaus are festivities featuring authentic Hawaiian cuisine, accompanied by singing and dancing and cultural activities such as chanting, storytelling and hula. You’ll find a unique luau experience on each island, so whichever island you decide to visit, make sure to attend one.

3 – Whale Watching

During the winter season, hundreds of humpback whales visit Hawaii, particularly the island of Maui, to give birth to and raise their calves in the warmer waters of the Pacific. Take a tour to have a closer look at these gentle giants as they swim, jump, flip and dance in the waters, an exciting experience that brings you closer to nature. During peak seasons, you can grab your binoculars, sit by the beach, and watch as they frolic and breach the sea.

2 – Surfing

Did you know that surfing originated in Hawaii? It was believed that the Polynesians invented surfing, also known as the “Sport of the Kings”,
during the era of Hawaiian royalty. Today, many surfing enthusiasts from around the world visit Hawaii to ride its waves and to watch or
participate in annual surfing events. Every island offers surfing lessons. And if you want to watch the pros do their crazy moves, visit Oahu’s North Shore during the winter.

1 – Snorkeling

Hawaii has so many beautiful snorkeling spots teeming with colorful coral formations and lively sea animals and fish. People from around the world visit the islands to experience the beauty of its underwater ecosystem. Make sure to visit the calm and clear waters of Hanauma Bay or Makaha Beach Park when you’re on Oahu. Sail to the isolated volcanic crater of Molokini in South Maui that provides awesome water visibility. Jump into the waters of the most popular
Big Island, Kahaluu Beach Park, or the bay of Kealakekua.

About the Author: Eddie Keliinohomoku is the Director of Sales and Marketing and co-founder of Go Hawaii Tours and Aloha Trikke. With direct ties to the Hawaiian islands, Eddie’s passion is sharing the islands and the spirit of aloha with the world. “E Komo Mai”

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