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Get Into The Holiday Spirit With These Festive Hairstyles

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You probably don’t want me to repeat it, but the holiday season is quite hectic. While trying to make sure everybody on your list is checked off and rushing through local supermarket aisles to buy the ingredients for your trademark cookies, you may overlook the most crucial item of all: what on earth you’re supposed to do with your festive hairstyles for these parties.

With the holidays soon approaching, you may be seeking a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain hairdo. Add Festive hairstyles to your must-do list once you’ve finished your present buying. After a year of working remotely, the holidays offer the ideal reason to ditch our go-to sloppy buns and ponytails in favor of something a bit more festive. Plus, when we return to events and parties, you’ll need to pull some serious stares.

We’ve compiled a list of festive hairstyles that will last the whole holiday season with little-to-no upkeep.

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With These Holiday Festive Hairstyles 6
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Photo By @tillypegg_/Instagram

A sleek braid goes well with a party dress as well as earmuffs for a day of sledding or ice skating. Use gel to smooth down flyaways for the smoothest appearance.

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