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Tips from a Plastic Surgeon on How to Take a Selfie

People all over the world are obsessed with selfies. One in 14 people are now on Instagram and the app claims to have 500 million users. Has social media put a whole new twist on the pressure to look good in photos? Never has our face been more on display for our friends and family than now. So how can we put our best face out there for photos and selfies? Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, offers his best tips to change the way you think about taking selfies.

  1. Look up slightly towards the camera and raise your eyebrows. This makes your eyes look larger.
  2. Lean your neck towards the camera. Lower your shoulder slightly towards the camera to elongate your neck.
  3. Tap on your lips – somewhat strong – to bring blood to them, making them redder and fuller.
  4. Pinch your cheeks a few times to also bring blood to them, creating a big of a rosy glow.
  5. Stand at an angle to the camera, creating a slimmer body profile.
  6. Blink on 2 (of 1-2-3) to guarantee that you’re not blinking and that your eyes look bright.
  7. Smile with your eyes! A fake smile is just your mouth. A true smile is when your whole face is engaged. Think about sending energy to your eyes or smiling with your eyes, and your beauty will shine into the photograph.
  8. Be relaxed. Think about relaxing your face and trying to convey that to the camera.

Before you take your next selfie, think about these tips and you’re sure to get your followers engaged!

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