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The Best Sites to Use to Plan Your Travel

Planning your own trip without the hassle of hiring a professional is becoming a big trend. With technology at our fingertips, everyone has the ability to research and plan the ideal trip they want to take. There are a few key sites that are crucial for trip planning. For instance, I could never travel overseas without referencing Rome2Rio. See below the best sites to use to plan your travel, and start planning your dream vacation now.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a classic site that everyone knows of, but I feel that it gets overlooked during trip planning because it’s so common. But it’s actually a great tool to show you how to get from Point A to Point B. The best thing you can do for yourself when heading to a new city after you’ve picked your points of interest is to place your points of interest in Google Maps. You can place all of your points of interest in and then move the order you plan to visit them based on which is closer to which. Basically, Google Maps will help you discover the quickest way to go from multiple points of interest in just seconds.

Rome2Rio is probably my favorite trip planning tool. Where Google Maps is perfect for telling you how far apart your favorite destinations are from one another, Rome2Rio takes it to the next level by giving you every possible option to get from Point A to Point B. It will tell you the bus you would need to get there and how much it would cost or if the metro is quicker and how much that would cost. It even estimates how much it would cost for you to get a taxi or an uber from one destination to another. If you haven’t checked it out before, it is a life saver to use when traveling abroad, as you are completely unaware of all the travel options.

Free Campsites

Looking to drive around the country in an RV and need a place to park it? Or are you just looking to pitch a tent in a new place? offers an app that will show you where all the free campsites are for you to lay your tent for the night. They even have a feature that can help you plan your ultimate road trip and show you where you can stop and camp for the night- for free! It’s definitely a fun option to consider for all the adventure lovers out there.

Kayak & Skyscanner

Both Kayak and Skyscanner are great tools to use to find you the most affordable plane ticket. I usually stick to Kayak, as it has never failed me in finding the most affordable flight options, but Skyscanner has some pretty great deals, too. When booking your flight, be sure to check back many different days at different times of the day, as flight prices do fluctuate frequently. Be sure to clear your browser history and cache when you do, as this will affect your ticket prices.

Ryan Air

Ryan Air doesn’t hit every city in Europe, but it does travel to many large cities and popular destinations across Europe. If you’re planning a trip through Europe, this will be a great tool for you, as you can book flights from once it to another in Europe for as low as 20 euros! Ryan Air has amazing deals throughout Europe, so be sure to check them out when booking there!


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