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This Game-Changing Detail Will Elevate All Your Makeup Looks

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We have a keen eye for all things trending in the makeup department. As huge beauty obsessives, even the tiniest details capture our attention. And sometimes it’s the details that make the biggest difference. For a while now, we are noticing many Insta-popular makeup artists using one simple technique to achieve a more lifted eye and keep the glow game strong. The best thing – it only takes seconds to elevate your look! Drum rolls please – it’s the brow bone highlight! No, we are not talking about leaving your brow bone naked or adding a lighter transition color. We are talking about applying some serious shimmer on the brow bone that acts as the WOW factor of the look. Interested to learn more? Scroll down to discover the game-changing detail that will level up all your makeup looks.

brow bone highlight makeup looks
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Photo By @gordgeorge/Instagram

The technique works on any makeup look, no matter shimmery or matte. Blinding shimmer on the brow bone can elevate even the simplest, neutral makeup look. In this case, that pop of purple transforms the otherwise classic makeup look into a show-stopping glam moment.

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