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These Jeans Will Give You Fashionably Smooth Curves

Wr.Up® is Freddy’s exclusive patented pair of pants created to exalt the woman’s figure through the shaping effect which truly accentuates her form and supports her curves.

But How Does This Wr.Up® Work?

It actually pulls off a smoothing finish and wraps the hips, thighs and waist thanks to its high-quality material that is combined with strategically positioned panels and sewing: the harmony has been reached, way too easily.

Would you like to know more about this? Well, we can say that the final results are guaranteed by the combination of three different effects on top of the high-quality material. These three effects are listed here below.

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The Smoothing Effect

The smoothing effect of Wr.Up® Freddy perfectly enhances your waist, thighs and hips thanks to the high level of quality of its fabric, on which reinforcements have been applied in strategic positions.

The Lifting Effect

Wr.Up® is the only 100% bi-elastic jersey in denim that determines your form, rises your B-side and wraps you like a second skin. Lastly, perfection takes shape.

The Shaping Effect

Wr.Up® forms and sculpts your hips, holding your pants up and in place with a special silicone band. Now your body is a work of art!

The smoothing, lifting and shaping effects are the outcome of Italian studies which have led to the development of the patented Wr.Up® technology. With this innovative design, Freddy uses the highest grade of stretch materials and silicone trims to exalt the curves of every woman in a natural way.

The silicone waistband will help to sculpt and exalt your waist while keeping your pants in place and upright. The waistband beneath the glutes, together with the particular sewing and the shape of the pants, will define them and lift them up, exalting your sensual femininity.

What Else Can We Say About Freddy Wr.Up®?

Wr.Up® Freddy clothing pieces are stretchy, comfy, durable and can be worn at any time of day, but, in case you haven’t noticed yet, they are not like other types of pants. Put them on as if they were tights, unwrapping them along the legs in a natural way, keeping in mind to unfasten and unbutton them.

These amazing pants are available in 4 versions: low, regular, medium and high. You can pick out the flawless model for yourself, choosing among four different collections:

  • Denim
  • Faux leather
  • Limited editions
  • Basic colours

Workout Addicted?

Try Wr.Up® sport version. Every single exercise can become a work of art allowing you to fully enjoy yourself in your day-to-day sports life while never giving up your femininity.  The Wr.Up® technology was born to help each woman value their own silhouettes and to feel more girly and sexy. There are styles for every taste: from darker or lighter jeggings to larger and wider types to skinny stretch or jersey cotton to clothes suitable for the gym.

Here You Go, Some Practical Info You May Need

Can I put my Freddy Wr.Up® in the washing machine?

Almost all Wr.Up® pants can be put into the washing machine as long as the temperature is not exceeded by 30°C in a delicate cycling process.

Some models with special features, such as eco-leather, need to be hand-washed. In all cases, please consult the cleaning instructions on the inner label.

This revolutionary technology innovated by Freddy has gone beyond the home country confines conquering top models across the world: Yep, Victoria’s Secret Angels need a little “push-up” as well! From Barbara Palvin to Eva Longoria and many others, these pants will steal your heart, and you won’t be able to wear any other pants. We warned you!


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