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These 60s Inspired Hairstyles Will Have You Looking Like A Bombshell

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The 1960s were a time of great innovation and change, as evidenced by the moon landing and the invention of the Etch-A-Sketch. Although much has changed in the intervening years, the 1960s fashion for long hair has endured.

Many hairdos from the ’60s, such as pixie cuts, asymmetrical bobs, androgynous afros, and backcombed styles, are as popular now as they were then.

The 1960s are an unquestionable gold mine of retro beauty inspiration. The hairstyles of the ’60s were just as daring, seductive, and free-spirited as the era’s prevailing mentality. Eyeliner flicks reminiscent of a cat’s eye, and doll-like lashes are just two of the famous trends that came out of the ’60s when it came to cosmetics.

Makeup was a huge part of the ’60s beauty boom, but that wasn’t all. It was also a decade that gave birth to a slew of fresh, innovative, and utterly fashionable dos.
For this reason, we have compiled the most iconic ’60s inspired hairstyles for all you retro-loving ladies and gentlemen out there.

These 60sInspired Hairstyles Will Have You Looking Like A Bombshell 1
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Photo By @psychedelicvelocity/Instagram

The flipped out hair is one of the most iconic and trending 60s inspired hairstyle. It’s a timeless look and goes well with any occasion.

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