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Celebrate Summer With These Bright Barbie-Inspired Makeup Looks

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Celebrate Barbie, the one who has served as president, an astronaut, and a vet, with these wacky but wonderful makeup styles. Barbie has held several positions throughout the years. This includes being a doctor, pilot, and even president. However, she has maintained her stunning looks while doing all this.

From a young age, girls everywhere have looked to to Barbie as a role model. The doll’s popularity is partly due to the fact that it’s seen as a symbol of fashion.

Since it’s well received in so many places, Barbie makeup, hairstyles, and clothing became a source of creativity. Her makeup was soft and sweet yet seductive all at the same time. In other words, it was the kind of girly look that would make almost everyone want to try it.

Barbie makeup is highly sensual and feminine. It is also quite evident and adorable. You can apply makeup using a wide range of colors. This includes muted tones, warm tones, bright tones, shimmer, and matte tones.

Baby pink, hot pink, greens, blues, lavender, etc., are among the most popular hues utilized while adopting Barbie’s look. Check out these interesting Barbie-inspired makeup looks below.

Celebrate Summer With These Bright Barbie-Inspired Makeup Looks 1
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Photo By @ericaswn/Instagram

The combination of baby pink, hot pink, and blue is a classic Barbie-inspired makeup look that you can wear for any outdoor daytime event.

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