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The Ultimate 2021 Summer Pieces You Still Need to Get Right Now

Summer isn’t over yet! And for us Cali girls, does summer ever really end? At least for the next few months, we will likely have warm weather, relaxing beach days, and sunshine as far as the eye can see. Let’s continue to celebrate summer for the foreseeable future with the following incredible pieces for the VIVA GLAM girl ready to celebrate the sun.

Summer Sweats by Summer Stewart

This Summer Sweats Set by Summer Stewart is a must-have to enjoy your summer adventures in style. It’s perfectly comfortable, which makes it ideal for the right summer hike if paired with a cute pair of sneakers. Or pair it with heels or boots for a stylish casual look about the town with your girlfriends. In fact, that’s why we love this set so much! It’s extremely versatile. You can wear it out and about for almost any occasion depending on how you style it. Plus, the clothing from Summer Stewart focuses on sustainability which gives us another reason to strut around in this gorgeous set!

The Ultimate Summer Bikini

VDM The Label and influencer Cindy Prado have teamed up to debut a gorgeous summer swimwear collection in Miami. It’s Miami meets tropical, and the collection is super sexy. Talk about the ultimate swim set that is still perfect for all your summer adventures. We specifically love this bikini as it’s chic yet sexy. Plus, it’s reversible so you can wear it in several different ways depending upon your mood. 

The Perfect Bag by JW PEI

Your ultimate summer looks are not complete without the perfect bag. Pre-order this unbelievably chic vegan bag in white, the perfect accent color for summer. The JW PEI bags are crafted out of recycled water bottles, canvas, and premium polyurethane providing the chicest version of ethical fashion. This bag has an exterior pocket, an adjustable strap, fabric lining, vegan leather, and a magnetic snap closure. Plus, it’s large enough to fit an iPhone 12 Max, so it will likely fit your phone so you can put away your phone to truly enjoy your summer adventures.

Sun Protection without the Harsh Chemicals

It’s extremely important to protect our skin from the sun, and it’s also just as important to ensure that we get Vitamin D and avoid heavy chemical-filled sunscreens that do just as much harm to our skin as they do good. That being said, Sol Visors are the perfect way to protect our sensitive facial skin from burning while still allowing Vitamin D to get through to our skin. They’re stylish, chic, and practical. Plus, Sol Visors come in several colors and styles. The Team at Sol Visors is also committed to the earth and sustainability, so they use repurposed boxes. Talk about a win win!

Summer Shoes by Flipinista

What summer excursion is complete without the right shoes!? At VIVA GLAM, we are head over heels in love with Flipinista! Flipinista shoes are the perfect shoes for summer, plus they are the ultimate in luxury, quality, and comfort! Whether you are a minimalist or maximalist, you will love the array of the most feminine hand-sewn accessories for your feet.

Summer Beauty Essentials

Lastly, it’s crucial to stress the importance of taking care of your skin during the hot summer months. Summer means more sweat, more sunscreen use, and ultimately, more stress on your skin. So, it’s imperative to use products that sooth your stressed-out skin. As someone with sensitive skin, I really focused on this issue this summer, and I fell in love with the products at skyn ICELAND. Specifically, the Micellar Cleansing Water has been a lifesaver. I find myself breaking out all the time in the warmer months, especially around my time of the month. However, after using this cleansing water for just a week, that time of the month where I always break out occurred, and my skin stayed flawless. In fact, I found my skin to be incredibly soft and moisturized after using this cleansing water along with the Icelandic Youth Serum. I will honestly recommend these to anyone looking for a natural, vegan skincare that is, of course, super effective. You really have to try these products for yourself, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Be sure to take inspiration and put together the best end-of-summer look with our favorite pieces mentioned above.


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