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Hair Care Tips for a Beachy Look That’s Wavy, Blonde, or Sleek

There’s something about beach hair that makes you want to leave your tresses unwashed, infused with ocean water and texture. You know you’ve been there—you’ve experienced the slightly crunchy, perfectly imperfect, bouncy, beachy waves that glisten under the sun. If only you could achieve that fresh-out-of-the-water look without actually going to the beach!

Luckily, it’s actually not that difficult. All you need are some high-performance hair care products and playful styling techniques.

Get a Little Salty with Some Waves

Aside from surfers and swimsuits, what else is synonymous with the beach? Saltwater. That briny seawater is what gives many at the beach the wavy, lustrous locks you desire. There are some techniques to pin down before this look can become one of your everyday styles, but it’s an absolute must for summer breaks and any season along the coast.

Tousled—Not Tangled

Sometimes beach hair gets a couple of tangles, but that’s not what you want, especially if you’re planning on rocking the look all day long. You want textured and tousled—not tangled. So, before you use any hair product for beachy waves, you first need a salon-quality detangler that’s going to do some real work on your hair.

A truly high-performance detangler should help your hair feel nourished and fortified, seal the cuticle, and protect it from heat and UV damage—all while detangling your locks. You want it to lock in moisture so your hair doesn’t get dried out. Remember: tousled—not tangled.

Sea Salt Spray

A texturizing spray with natural sea salt is an easy-to-use hair care product that delivers an everyday beach hair look. Natural sea salt is what gives hair that wave, that light beachy crunch, and that undeniable charm you’re hoping to achieve. The great news is that you don’t have to go splashing in the ocean to get this look. You can even find a sea salt-infused texturizing spray that may protect your hair from daily wear and tear, in addition to adding texture with hold and lift.

Other Texturizers

If you don’t like the characteristic look and feel of a sea salt spray, you can find other texturizing sprays that work to give your hair body and bounce without a salty, scrunch-and-bunch technique. An excellent product for this alternative is a texturizing or finishing foam instead of a spray. Find a finishing foam that provides weightless body and a soft, piecey finish without the light, beachy crunch. You’ll still rock tousled beach-worthy waves.

Brighten and Lighten Blonde Tresses

Blonde hair and beach scenes go hand in hand. Even brunettes who spend time out on the water can get a sun-kissed appearance. But blondes beware—you don’t want a brassy hue. For cool girl summer vibes you need to keep blonde tones calm and collected.

Toning Violet Shampoo to Keep Blonde Hair Bright 

A high-performance toning violet shampoo can help you maintain a bright and cool blonde. You should continue to visit a professional salon as often as your stylist recommends. Still, it’s important to support their hard work and your locks with a weekly toning violet shampoo. Your next step? Find a high-quality non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner

Daily Blonde Hair Care

On the days between toning sessions, care for your blonde hair with non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner. A high-quality, non-toning purple conditioner is a great way to hydrate your locks while sealing cool tones and providing a thermal protectant. Look for a complete line of products for color-treated and natural blondes to ensure you’re giving your hair the best treatment on toning and non-toning days. 

Restorative Hair Treatment for Blondes

Speaking of treatments, don’t forget that even blonde beach hair could use some special attention. While using non-toning daily purple shampoo and conditioner is an excellent way to support your hair, you can also use a restorative toning treatment for blondes. A toning hair treatment can be used once or twice a week to help your blonde hair feel stronger and look brighter. Deeply restorative hair treatments are the perfect fix for blonde hair that looks dry, overworked, or brassy, no matter what style you’re trying to achieve with your blonde locks.

Give Styled Hair Some Shine

To make it seem like you just came out of the water, your hair should almost look a little wet. With the salon-quality hair products available today, you can achieve a style that makes it seem like your hair is perpetually in the process of drying after a dip in the water.

Beach Babe Vibes

Everyone is after that fresh out of the water look. You know the one. It’s the slow walk out of the water with the waves crashing behind you. Your hair is wet, it looks sleek, and it becomes an instantly desirable asset with just a little bit of a wave. Well, you can achieve this look without drenching your shoulders with wet hair.

Find a creamy styling paste or a hybrid product that works like a wax, paste, and cream in one. Then, work the wax-like product into your hair from the roots to the ends and comb it through evenly. Next, style it in your desired shape for a slick look with high shine.

Wind or Relax

If you have curly hair and want the fresh-out-of-the-water look, you can go one of two ways: give your curls glossy definition, or relax them for a straighter style.

A high-performance curl-defining cream with coconut oil and a plant-based shine enhancer can provide weightless volume, shine, and definition without tampering with your curls. Meanwhile, a salon-quality relaxing fluid can work against humidity and help you style your hair for a look that says you like to spend your beach days on warm, dry sand.

Smooth and Shine

To get a smooth and shiny look like you let your hair dry infused with ocean water, you need something that provides a high-gloss finish. Try applying a little extra hair oil with a hair-loving ingredient like argan oil, or look for a glossing spray to apply to dry hair for a weightless shine.

To get the most out of these products, seek out high-performance options that offer anti-humectant properties plus UV and thermal protection. These qualities definitely work in your favor if you’re heat styling or spending time in a dry, hot climate.

Take the Beach with You

You’ve got the techniques, hair care products, and styling items for beachy looks—what else could you possibly need? A place to go that’s not the beach. Without stepping a foot in the sand, you can get the perfectly imperfect and gorgeously tousled or slick and dreamy beach hairstyle you want. Whether you’re rocking a bright and beautiful blonde color or attracting an audience with your fresh-out-of-the-water look, you’ll be taking the beach with you but leaving the ocean brine behind.

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