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The Do’s and Don’ts of Exposed Briefs

When is this trend of exposed lingerie acceptable and when is it not?

Whether you like it or not, exposed underwear is trending right now. This means that underwear, bras, thongs, and other items of lingerie can be on full display, purposely, to the public. But how can you wear this trend without looking cheap and tacky?  Certainly, this is a look that can appear gaudy if not done properly.

In the 1990s when grunge was a popular trend, men started exposing their boxer shorts on purpose. This is also popular in the urban scene today as some men still wear over-sized, loose pants with boxer shorts underneath. But it was not until recently that we began seeing women purposely showing off their underwear either through sheer clothing or worn simply as outerwear.

So perhaps it comes as no surprise that recently there has been a resurgence of women’s underwear sales as women are using underwear, bras, and lingerie as items to be seen.

One way to make this trend work for you is to not concentrate on being sexy. This is not the point. Instead, concern yourself with staying classy by wearing underwear that is exposed or revealed through clothing that is not too sexy or tacky. For example, wear underwear that is visible through a dress that is long and not tight fitting.  Make certain your gown is classic and in good taste.

Also, by wearing underclothing that is not too revealing, this trend will still appear classic. For example, don’t wear a skimpy thong with your bottom exposed under a sheer dress. Instead, try a 1950s style high-waist undergarment that doesn’t look like you are trying too hard to be sexy.

When it comes to bras, make certain they are not too loose or flimsy, and have the adequate support that your individual body needs. There is nothing more unattractive than sagging, bulging breasts in a bra that doesn’t fit you properly.

When it comes to thongs, don’t expose the entire item. Instead, only expose the upper part of a thong by wearing them high on your hips above the waist line of your pants. Anything more can appear tacky and “trying too hard” to look sexy.

As always, make certain your lingerie is always in good condition, and free of stains or tears, or stretched out. This applies to bras, slips, corsets, briefs, thongs or any other items that you are choosing to expose.

If you achieve this look properly, you can wear it just about anywhere. Wear a frilly bra with a long-sleeved top that is slightly sheer when you go out on a night on the town with friends. Or you can wear a gorgeous, long gown that is semi-sheer on the red carpet with lingerie as long as you keep it sophisticated.

Remember, trends come and go so make certain you apply this trend in a way that always appears beautiful and classic.

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