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Fashion is About to Get a Lot More Convenient

Fashion is getting more convenient than ever!

We all lead busy lives. When it comes to purchasing, retailers know the importance of convenience when it comes to attracting their customers. What is fashion’s newest marketing strategy? Vending machines!

You might already be familiar with vending machines that are not food related. After all, the Japanese have been doing this for years with everything from surgical masks to used underwear! In fact, Japan has the largest number of vending machines in the world with an annual sales total of more than $60 billion.
This roughly equals one vending machine to every 23 people in Japan.

Fashion is taking notice.
Vending machines give customers accessibility if a store is closed and you don’t want to wait for an item to be delivered to your residence via an online purchase. Also, brands don’t have to worry about the cost of hiring employees or long-term leases.

The machines are quick and easy to use. Most have a touch screen that shows each product. You swipe your credit card and walk away with the product. This automated way of shopping is also being seen in self-checkout stations at the grocery store.

Japanese retailer, Uniqlo, has debuted its “Uniqlo To Go” vending machines in 10 airports and malls in the United States. In them, you can find items such as down jackets, vests, and shirts. This is an ideal situation for those who might have lost their luggage. You might have also seen beauty kiosks in airports recently. Sephora, Benefit, Essie and The Honest Company are brands that have successful automated kiosks. In addition, you might have also seen Best Buy automated kiosks in the airport.

In the Standard Hotel, you can purchase bikinis, board shorts, and sunglasses from a Quiksilver automated kiosk.
And on the beaches of Australia, you can find vending machines selling flip flops!

With convenience, accessibility, and expedience, many believe fashion vending machines are the future of retail.

What do YOU think? Would you plan to shop via vending machines on your next vacation? Or over going to a mall or shopping online?

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