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The Curly Shag is the Hottest Haircut to Show off Your Texture This Summer

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The pandemic put us in a bad mood for a long period, but it’s time for our rebellious side to take over again. Instead of soft beachy waves, this year we’re choosing effortlessly sexy shags and rock-and-roll vibes. The curly shag has taken over the hair trends and it seems that every cool girl is obsessed with this chic hairstyle. If you’re thinking about making a change and chopping off some of your lengths, the curly shag is the perfect choice for the upcoming season. Take a look at our list below and find out all the gorgeous ways you can pull off this trendy cut!

the curly shag is the hottest haircut to show off your texture this summer
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Photo By @chey_maya/Instagram

The curly shag is all about showing off your texture. For the ladies with extra curly hair, here’s a beautiful cut we recommend. A heavy fringe with choppy layers on the sides will frame your face beautifully and give you a romantic vibe.

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