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Honey Lemon Hair Color is the New Blonde Dye Job That’s Here to Energize Your Summer Look

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The sunny season asks for bright hair colors, but no one could have anticipated the rise of this new trend. Namely, blonde shades have reached a new height when just a little while ago the honey lemon hair color was initially invented. A light blonde shade with golden undertones is the simple description that captures this look. There are many ways to pull off this hair color, and hair colorists have already shown their best works. If you’re wondering whether this look is for you, we’ve got a couple of visuals that will convince you. Flip through our gallery below and immerse yourself in all the gorgeous takes of the honey lemon hair color trend!

honey lemon hair color is the new blonde dye job that’s here to energize your summer look
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Photo By @lucyhale/Instagram

Choose a full-color dye job to instantly refresh your look. This all-over honey lemon hair color is very bright and shiny and will help you create a captivating appearance.

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