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The Cook Islands: A Tropical Getaway Without the Crowds

If you’re looking for a tropical Hawaii-like getaway without the crowds, then the Cook Islands might just be a perfect fit for you. The Cook Islands consist of 15 islands located in the center of Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean. The population of all the islands together is only 17,459 people. So, instead of being hit in the face with built up properties and commercialism, you will find a gorgeous getaway with small boutique hotels, many bars and convenience stores, and friendly locals. They proudly state, “No building is taller than a coconut tree!” on their islands, and there’s something so charming about island land that is not built up with large buildings by modern society. It allows you to get connected with the roots, culture, and history of where you are staying. And that’s what you’ll find on the Cook Islands.

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If you’re coming from the west coast of the US, a flight there couldn’t be easier. You will take a 10-hour, nonstop overnight flight that allows you to sleep and wake up rested and ready to see the island. You will arrive in Rarotonga’s lagoon-side international airport. Once you arrive, you will find that you are in the same time zone as Hawaii. You’ll find turquoise waters, delicious fresh locally-grown fruit, and many locally-owned resorts, waterfront villas, hotels, and more. Water sports are a big attraction here including snorkeling, SCUBA, and kayaking, and the Cook Islands have a great nightlife scene.

Perhaps the most special thing about these islands, however, is how Eco-friendly they are. Last year, they passed a law helping protect the marine life around their islands.

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So, if you’re looking to take a Hawaiian-like getaway without the Hawaiian prices and tourism, consider going to the Cook Islands this year.


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