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A Guide to Having a Blissful Beach Getaway

The world is home to some incredible beaches. With white, golden, and sometimes pink sands, turquoise waters, and warm weather, there is no wonder why beach destinations top the list of everyone’s travel bucket list year after year. Unfortunately, stresses from home life can follow you on vacation, no matter where you are in the world. To make sure this doesn’t get in the way of your beach getaway, it always helps to have a useful guide at hand.

Pick a peaceful location.

Numerous countries are lined with pristine beaches, making it an overwhelming task to choose the right one for your getaway. It may come as a surprise, but some locations have become overrun with tourists in recent years, meaning that many dreams of peaceful, quiet retreats are quickly ruined. Before you start booking your hotel and flights, you should take to the internet to find an ideal beach destination for you and your loved ones. You can get some destination inspiration on Cultured Kiwi.

If you are hoping for vivid sunsets, beaches along the west coasts of countries are a good start, and those yearning for untouched sand should avoid traveling in peak season. There are also postcard-perfect destinations which never fail to impress, such as beaches in the Caribbean, or those in the sunshine state of Florida.

Book your trip at the best time.

Everyone who has been on a beach vacation before will complain about the same issues: the weather was too hot, the beaches were too crowded, and the prices were too high. Though they will also speak of countless positives, these problems can be the make-or-break for many travelers. Luckily, there is also an easy way to resolve it. Traveling in the shoulder season has been a blessing for beach-goers, where they can experience the best weather and smaller crowds, among many other benefits. You may feel as though it is too good to be true, but encountering serene beaches and affordable vacation packages during this time is not rare. Travelers can also enjoy luxury last-minute beach deals if they want to get away on short notice.

Stay safe.

Perpetual sun is arguably the biggest reason why people hit the sand every year, but it can also pose some dangers to your health if you are not careful. If you spend hours in the sun without protection, this spells bad news for your skin, which can become damaged after prolonged exposure. In fact, it can increase your chances of getting skin cancer later in life. Ideally, you should avoid the midday sun, and top-off your sunscreen at regular intervals throughout the day. It is important to remember that swimming in the sea can rub off any protection, so you must reapply your sunscreen once you are dry. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing can also help keep you cool in the heat. Just as you do everyday, drinking your recommended daily intake of water ensures you remain hydrated and energized on your trip.

Remove any distractions.

Distractions can come in many forms. From stress to work commitments, family emergencies to technology, it is common for them to follow you on vacation and prohibit you from having a wonderful time. When you are at a beach location, you want to be able to fully indulge in your surroundings and make the most of your time there. The only way to do this is by cutting out your distractions. Though it can feel almost impossible to do this, your mind and body will thank you when they come back feeling detoxed and refreshed. There is one simple trick that can help, which is switching off from work and technology on the beach.

Don’t shy away from luxury.

People have a tendency to feel guilty whenever they experience something good, even if they have worked hard to enjoy it. Beach getaways are no exception, but this is a mindset that should be banished when you are exploring somewhere new. Instead, you should go all out and welcome luxury in all its forms, whether it be feasting on some fine cuisine or lounging on your own sunbed. This can be harder to do when you have children with you on your trip, as this may give you less time to yourself. If you can, it is worth arranging your beach getaway without the children, as various adult-only resorts offer travelers the chance to revel in luxury without the guilt.

Make time to relax.

With the addition of luxury comes more opportunities to relax. This is an essential part of any beach vacation, as nobody comes to such a stunning location without the intention to unwind and de-stress. Though you may want to fill your days with some fun activities and island excursions, you will also need the time to rest and take in your breathtaking surroundings. This can be difficult at first, especially if you are used to being busy. After a short while, you will begin to appreciate the welcome quiet of your destination. There are some extra activities you can enjoy, which will only enhance your state of relaxation. Yoga, massages, and swimming are only a few popular options for travelers.


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