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“The Boys” on Amazon Drops a Day Early. Watch it NOW!

Did You Just Watch “The Boys” on Amazon Prime and See a Bit of VIVA GLAM in it?

Amazon’s highly anticipated superhero series, “The Boys”, just dropped last night. That’s right, the entire series dropped one day earlier than expected. This is part of a new trend where a series airs earlier than expected. In fact, last week, “Veronica Mars” dropped one week earlier than expected.

If you’re like us, you’ve watched all of the trailers for Amazon Prime’s new show, “The Boys”, with eager anticipation! This eight-episode series is based on a comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and the show was developed by none other than comedian Seth Rogan, Eric Kripke and Evan Goldberg.

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And guess what? If you loved the beginning of season one, “The Boys” has already been renewed for a second season!

This comedy series stars Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Elizabeth Shue as Madelyn Stillwell, and Chace Crawford as The Deep, among others! 

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The world of “The Boys” is one where superheroes are worshiped like celebrities or demi-gods.  And sometimes they don’t always use their superpowers for good. Don’t think this is a squeaky-clean version of superhero do-good-ism. Rather, this is a bloody, gory, action-packed portrayal of superhero violence in an imperfect world…and you just can’t keep your eyes off of it.  Yep, it’s really that good.

Did you notice anything familiar in the second episode? Did you happen to catch a glimpse of VIVA GLAM?

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That’s right, if you watched the first two episodes, you might have caught a glimpse of something very special to us.  What is it? That’s right, VIVA GLAM Magazine was approached half a year ago to be included in “The Boys”. You might have caught our magazine with the main cast on it for “The Superhero Edition”. And VIVA GLAM Magazine also appeared on taxi tops, bus stops, wall posters and bill boards throughout these episodes.

A special thank you to “The Boys”, Amazon Studios, Emmy nominated Production Designer Dave Blass, Doug Jeffery and 41 Sets for making this possible!


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