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The Best Hair Color for You (According to Your Astrological Sign)

Hair color says a lot about your personality; however, sometimes it can be complicated to choose exactly what color to use or try on. Astrology is a great way to learn about a person’s traits, so it wouldn’t hurt to look at it for some clues before you’re about to transform yourself.

If you are in search of a permanent change, here’s a list created to tell you which color will suit you the best, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries. All Aries have very competitive and strong personalities. This mix and the desire to be perfect can be expressed with brown hair with some touch of reddish and copper tones.

Taurus. If you are a Taurus that means that you’re stubborn by nature, but also very stable and conservative. Due to its personality the best color is the palette with darker red tones.

Gemini. Geminis are usually very sociable, intellectual and eloquent. A caramel tone is perfect to highlight the energy and vitality they show.

They tend to be more lonely, sensitive and shy. If this is you, then the best way to highlight your personality is to go for a light brown or ash blond.

Leo. Generally, a Leo’s personality is strong and very passionate, if you love being the center of attention so the recommended tone is a golden one, especially honey blond.

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Virgo. Watch out because here comes the perfectionist, natural and disciplinary people. You need a color that suits your personality, so go for a dark tone mixed with soft, light-brown highlights.

Libra. You are considered a pacifist, romantic soul that’s also very sociable and have an amiable character. The color that best suits your personality is champagne.

Scorpio. Known for being very bold, powerful and passionate people, Scorpios are very inclined towards drama and mystery, so go for that mulled wine hue that’s all the rage on social media.

Sagittarius. Passion, adventure, optimism and sincerity are some of the characteristics shown by the Sagittarians. That’s why you can bet on a more adventurous look to showcase your personality: Go Platinum!

Capricorn. It’s known that Capricorns have an ambitious personality, practical and reserved, so your hair should reflect your character. Go black and this will show your personality to the world.

Aquarius. Rebellious, original and independent are your major character traits, so give it a try and use colors that others wouldn’t even dare. Pink or multicolor mermaid hair are great choices to show off who you are.

Pisces. Pisceans are sensitive, creative and loving, because of their lovely and gentle way of interacting with others and with the world, the best tone is some Rose.


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