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How to Make Glossy Lids Insanely Sexy & Stay Put for Hours

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Glossy lids are among the hottest year-round trends. Everyone likes the look on Instagram, but what about RL? Are you scared to drip your lids in gloss, especially at high temperatures? This editorial-inspired glam can look super sexy unless the gloss starts creasing and going everywhere around your eyes. You can go for a bold look by covering a neon eyeshadow with a glossy product, or enhance your natural beauty with just a swipe of gloss over your lids. But, how can you prevent the look from turning into a hot mess after a few hours of wear? Read on to discover everything that you need to know about the glossy lids makeup trend.

glossy lids makeup trend
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Photo By @danessa_myricks/Instagram

A glossy eye it’s bound to crease, but you can keep this at a minimum with the right preparation for the look. Even if you don’t have excessively oily lids, your lids product some oil. So, you have to ensure an oil-free canvas before applying any makeup products.

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