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The Art of Transitioning Summer Dresses into Fall

Oh, summer! Where are you going? It feels like summer only made an appearance to show off its cute, new outfit before heading out the door. While the time you had together may feel short-lived, the door isn’t fully closed on summer and its respective fashions. You can always keep your closet door open to summer because, let’s be honest, you love its stylish and whimsical looks. So, if your wardrobe is full of summery dresses, don’t bid them adieu—just find ways to work these summer faves into the fall. 

What to Do with Your Florals

One of the most common trends of summer is fresh, vibrant floral patterns. Yet, there’s a little secret you might now know about florals—they work all year round. 

Fall Florals

You might think that florals are a challenging summer style to transition into fall, but lucky for you, fall florals are totally on-trend. While you can definitely find casual dresses for juniors with deeper, jewel-toned floral prints, you could also just rock the bright, floral dresses that you’ve been wearing all summer long. Nobody would suspect that you got your dress at the end of spring. You planned it this way, obviously

Dark Layers

If your summer dresses feature less florals or a lighter shade, don’t forget that you have another option to fall back on when temperatures drop—layering. Pulling on layers under or over your summer dresses is a classic way to transition any piece into the colder months. For fall, you’ll want to stick to blacks, browns, emeralds, rusts, and other deep hues. The best layering piece for the season? A black turtleneck. It’s timeless and will look spot-on with nearly all casual dresses for juniors. Classic cardigans are great to have on hand too.

The Short Dress Solution

Layering your clothing also tends to help with the fact that your summer dresses are probably a little short. The length isn’t an issue alone—shorter lengths are a year-round thing—but a short dress plus a summer color equals yikes come fall. Here’s what to do to ensure you nail the transition. 

More Is More

This year, you should really bank on the concept of more is more. Whether you’ve been spending a lot of time at home or you’ve met some new friends to hang out with outside of classes or work, now is the time to glam up your summer dresses. Think faux fur coats, oversized totes, and the outrageously fun boots you’ve dreamed of all year long. You can wear date night dresses from any season of the year, and never once think you look off in the fall as long as you have a solid pair of boots (and yes—bring on the suede fringe). 

Play with Colors

To go along with the idea that more really is more, you also need more color. Your summer dresses might have their own little vibrancy in the pattern or playfulness of the cut, but bold colors are really in this season. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone as you look for new boots, coats, scarves, bags, gloves, and jewelry to pair with your dresses. Try cobalt blue coats over those tiered ruffle dresses with polka dots, burgundy boots to pair with that short sage number, and elbow-length fuchsia gloves to go with that green floral piece.

Do Materials Matter? 

The materials and fabric you wear have an impact on the total vibe you give off. Usually, summer dresses don’t have that chunky or heavy quality that the dresses released in the fall may feature. Luckily, there are a couple of tricks to pull of your summer dress despite that.

Light in Material

If you’ve been wearing a dress all summer, it’s probably breezy and lightweight, which is delightful when it’s 90 degrees outside, but a little less than ideal when it’s under 60. The only reason this matters is because it could influence what you need to balance out the look. Trying to pull off a pastel pink mini dress with black tights might pose a bit too much of a challenge. However, when you pair smocked, light blue, casual dresses for juniors featuring pastel pink florals with those black tights? Now that would do it. 

Heavy in Pigment

Let’s go back to that lightweight, pastel pink dress. If you’ve got it, or something like it, what can you do with it? Remember that color play from earlier? You’re going to have to go heavy on the pigment. Take the pastel pink dress or a short, floral, pink mini dress, and pair it with dark purple boots and those fuchsia gloves from before. If you think you don’t look like you just pranced off the runway, then you need to check out this year’s Fashion Week for fall and winter. You nailed it. 

Trends as Guidelines

There are not too many rules when it comes to fashion, especially with the modern mash-up of fashion eras from the past. That gives you a little bit of pull as you continue to wear your favorite summer dresses into a different season.

The Anti-Fashion Trend

When you stop yourself from wearing what you love because you think it’s breaking a fashion rule, remember that the only way to make a trend is to go against a trend. There’s been an anti-fashion movement forever. It was once more under the radar, but social media changed that. For example, do you think wearing women’s loungewear outfits out was socially acceptable before the internet and cell phones? Not to mention the new aesthetics showing up on your feed every day, i.e., goblincore and soft girl—people are embracing their unique style and giving it a name.

Designing Your Closet

Curating a closet for fall with summer dresses doesn’t have to be a challenge. It can be an exciting way to get creative with casual dresses for juniors. You might even find some closet staples like tiered dresses with puffed sleeves, which just keep coming back into style, so it’s time to keep them there. With about four or five on-trend dresses in your wardrobe, you can simply accessorize with all the fall necessities, which can easily transition you into winter too. 

Dressing for fall doesn’t mean the end of summer. It just means you have a whole new opportunity to style your favorite pieces for a different season. Rather than reserving your fave summer dresses for a warm-weather season, you get to make your casual dresses for juniors and date night dresses some of your go-to closet staples. From there, it’s just a matter of which deep or vibrant fall and winter shades can play nicely with them. 

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