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9 Unique Fall Trends You Should Know About

Your summertime wardrobe is beautifully embodied by the essence of the season. Easy, breezy, and wonderfully easy, curating simple yet chic outfits just come so naturally when the sun is shining and the temperatures call for shedding some extra skin. From lightweight linen tops to sexy strappy sandals, pairing all of your favorite numbers with your sun-kissed skin and bouncy spirit was effortless. Though the summer season has already seen its last sunset, the fall season calls for a whole new approach to your wardrobe.

Fall is all about balance. Whether it’s gauging the not-so-hot but not-so-cold weather, or nailing the perfect layered look, there’s a certain mastery when it comes to tackling your fall closet. While there are a number of timeless fall staples like slip-on chelsea boots, quilted vests, and corduroy skirts, there are so many more expressive and unique ways to make the season your own.

With all that said, navigating the ever-changing nature of fashion trends can be rather tricky. Fortunately, we’re here to give you the rundown on all of the unique fall trends you should know about this season.

1. Square-toed shoes

Though the square-toed sandal is hardly a new trend, it is making a major modern comeback. Seen on Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga runways, the square toe is back in a big way—and comes in many more shoe forms than summertime sandals. Stand out from the crowd in a pair of square-toed loafers, slingbacks, or mules.

2. Gothic grunge

There’s goth, and then there’s gothic—a sleek and sultry style characterized by black lace, leather, long sleeves, and allure. Long leather coats, lace-up platform boots, statement chokers, and little lacy accents are simple gothic additions to any wardrobe and add some interesting edge to even the most colorful ensemble.

3. Snakeskin

Animal prints are having a bit of a moment in 2019. Though it’s hard to deny the timeless sophistication of a chic leopard print, the resurgence of snakeskin has shifted our attention from the fierce feline pattern. This uber-interesting and eye-catching reptilian print makes for a great statement piece no matter how you wear it.

4. Utility boots

Nothing says fashion and function quite like a pair of utility boots. From Timberlands to Doc Martens, these fall footwear staples are the perfect protection for all of your autumnal adventures. Whether you’re trekking through muddy pumpkin patches or getting your shop on, utility boots are the on-trend shoe you need in your wardrobe this season.

5. Neon colors

If style brilliance is what you’re after, look no further. Ultra-bright colors dominated spring, summer, and fall fashion weeks, so it’s safe to say that this vibrant trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Though these colors are anything but easy on the eyes, carefully curated neon looks have all of the same easy-breezy charm as your favorite traditional fall fashion looks.

6. Houndstooth

Black and white are the ultimate color combo for any season in any decade—and while the two may not be the most exciting visual pair, there are a number of ways to spice it up. Enter houndstooth: a duotone pattern characterized by abstract broken four-pointed checks that screams posh elegance and refined taste.

7. Statement stockings

Tis the season for skirts and stockings, but this fall season, upgrade your inventory of tights to more interesting and showstopping numbers. Save your classic black and sheer tights for more formal events and take advantage of casual Fridays with knit, bedazzled, and patterned stockings.

8. Bucket hats

We must admit that we could have never predicted that bucket hats would ever come back, but the fashion world and its many influencers have proven us wrong. Though plain canvas bucket hats are perfectly pairable with any casual fall outfit, opting for a faux fur or leather bucket hat makes for an edgy upgrade.

9. Puff sleeves

From Forever 21 to Phillip Lim, designers all around the world are buying into big, puffy sleeves. For those looking for easy ways to spice up boring, plain tops, a puff sleeve is your stylish solution. While sharp and structured, puff sleeves are also soft, and feminine—a unique balance that comes with plenty of distinctive appeal.

With these 9 unique fall fashion trends in mind, shopping for the season is made painless. What fall trends are you rocking this year? Let us know in the comments below.


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