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Sunkissed Brunette Is The Perfect Hair Color Solution In Case Of Second Lockdown

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The first lockdown took us by surprise, leaving us with grown-out roots and split ends. Now, in the face of a second possible lockdown, we know better than to opt for a high maintenance hairstyle. In times like these, we need a dye job that will look good for several months. Talented hairstylists came up with the perfect solution: sunkissed brunette hair. You may have thought sunkissed looks aren’t appropriate for fall, but we are here to prove you wrong. Keep scrolling through our gallery for some beautiful examples of the sunkissed brunette dye job that will make you book your colorist ASAP!

sunkissed brunette is the perfect hair color solution in case of second lockdown
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Photo By @burakucarofficial/Instagram

You didn’t have the opportunity to spend summer at the beach? This hair color will make you feel like you did! A soft balayage with a brighter highlight around your face will refresh your look.

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