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Start a New Galantine’s Day Tradition with Your Girlfriends and Celebrate with these V-Day Alternatives

Usually celebrated before Valentine’s Day, Galantine’s Day is an occasion when friends celebrate their platonic love. For those who are not in a relationship, this day is a great way to show your friends some love and receive some in return. If you’re new to Galantine’s Day, this year is the perfect time to start new traditions with your friends. To help you plan the perfect date, here are some of the best Galantine’s Day activities you can do with your girlfriends.

1. Get a Mani-Pedi

One of the most popular activities you can do on Galantine’s Day is to get a mani-pedi. Of course, this is a great time to head to the salon and prepare for your Valentine’s Day date. But, you can make it more fun and exciting if you do it with your girlfriends. You can check the latest nail art trends and pick the best that suits your style. However, if budget is an issue, you and your girlfriends can also do each other’s nails at home.

2. Have an At-Home Spa

Like getting a mani-pedi, a spa treatment is also a bit pricey. As such, one of the best Galantine’s Day activities is to have an at-home spa experience. Remember, all women want and deserve a day to pamper themselves. The good news is that you can now relax and unwind without spending a lot. If you want to treat your girlfriends to an at-home spa experience, you can buy some DIY spa products, such as body scrubs, bath bombs, and other beauty products. From there, you and your friends can pamper each other while you catch up.

3. Take an Online Cooking Class

Today, almost everything can be done online. One, in particular, is taking lessons or classes online. If you and your friends are into cooking or preparing gourmet foods, you can book an online cooking class for you and your friends. Taking a class together is an excellent way to celebrate Galantine’s Day. The reason is that you and your friends are not only bonding with each other but learning a new skill as well.

4. Do Retail Therapy

One of the best Galantine’s Day activities you can try is to do retail therapy. As you know, most women love to buy things, and shopping is a great way to spend time with your closest friends. But, to make your shopping experience unique, you and your friends will set a limit or budget. From there, you can buy something for your friends. Remember, you don’t have to pick the best gift. What matters most is the time you’ve spent together. The gift is just an added bonus.


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