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Coachella Hair Tutorial

Sport This Hairstyle at Coachella

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (which is generally referred to as “Coachella”

takes place annually in Indio, California. Each year, thousands of music lovers put together their most eccentric outfits and head into the desert for the event. Attendance grows more and more each year, leaving last year with 125,ooo attendees. We put together this tutorial to show you our most innovative “Coachella” hairstyle, and we hope you get to sport it for the big event!

Model: Katarina Van Derham Get This Look for Yourself – First, section off your hair into the center (from the top), lifting the crown section up and clipping it.

Take the sides of your hair from around the clipped crown and begin braiding them, starting from the front side. Be sure to make it a French braid. Stop half way (when you are near the back of the head), and clip the hair. Do the same to the other side.
After you have created a French braid on each side of the head and clipped them both, add extensions to the back of the head so you can create longer braids.

Grab the hair you sectioned off in the beginning from the top of the head and tease it up into a “fohawk” with a teasing comb. Start from the underneath and work to the top/front of the hair. Secure the hair with bobby pins and hair spray. (The bigger the better.)
Take the ends of the teased hair in the back and start a braid with them. Then secure the ends of that braid with bobby pins.

Section the remaining back hair in the center. Using the left side of the hair and the ends of the French Braid and top braid, combine all the braids on the left side into one new braid. Create a fishtail braids by pulling the hair from the back around the front of the braid. Now the full left side of your head goes from French Braid to Fishtail. Leave about 3 inches of the hair on the bottom out of the braid. After tying the bottom of the hair with elastic, tease the bottom part that is not braided. Finally, loosen up the fishtail part of the braid.

Repeat that last step on the right side, and you’re done!

We hope that you have the best time and the best hair at Coachella 2018


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