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Slay Your Valentines Day With These Nail Art Designs

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Valentine’s Day may be recognized as a Sentimental holiday filled with sweets, gifts, valentine decorations and tons of love, but it’s also the ideal reason to go into a manicure salon and have your nails done. Even if you may like your standard French manicure or plain nails in a soft pink shade, why not shake things up a little with some Valentine’s Day-themed nail art?

How about trying something new with some creative nail art designs? Trying your hand at some metallics? Are you experimenting with dark color palettes? Feel free to deviate from the norm and do something a little bit new this year, whether you have a date with your pals, your significant other, or your bed. This year, you should feel empowered to stray away from what is expected. 

We are certain that one of these manicure designs will strike a chord inside you. Read on below to get inspired.

Slay Your Valentines Day With These Nail Art Designs 1
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Photo By @betterwithjew/Instagram

Play with swirls, colors, hearts and different shades of pink. Let your partner know you spent time getting ready for them on your special lovey-dovey day.

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