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Super Blush Is Here To Save The Day!

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Wearing masks will remain a major beauty trend as fads follow our changing lives. But it doesn’t prevent us from donning a little blush.

You may not consider blushing a “must-have” in your beauty bag. Indeed, a little blush on the apples of your cheeks never goes out of style, but making blush your primary makeup choice is more reminiscent of the ’80s. After months of being inside with little makeup on, however, a bright, super blush trend has emerged, and the proof is everywhere.

Applying blush everywhere on the face, including the eyelids, and if you’re using a cream blush, the lips, may give you a quick, natural, and striking cosmetic look.

Numerous young women are using TikTok to demonstrate a refreshed and radiant appearance with the help of trendy beauty products, a trend that has been dubbed “BlushTok” by today’s youth. Seeing a few of these so-called “transformation” clips has piqued my interest. Look what I discovered about the 2023 super blush trend!

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Photo By @olgadann/Instagram

In addition to the unconventional application methods we’ve just covered, super blush also denotes a bold color scheme. Colors like purple, orange, and deep pink are becoming standard fare on runways across the globe. This is because the color usually continues up to the eyes, linking the eyes and the cheeks. This is quite trendy and lifts the face optically.

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